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Artist: J-Live
Album:  The Way That I Rhyme... Poetry In Motion 12"/Undivided Anntention EP*
Song:   Poetry In Motion
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* - exclusive BandCamp bonus track for EP

Yo, my rhyme book records dreams in 3D 
For the big screen, call it third eye/I-MAX
I put in work and love for the climax
It keeps her sprung, I got her on the comeback
I stroke her to the rhythm of the drum track 
Syncopated percussion, while fools rush in 
I take my sweet time with the timing
Rock steady 'til I'm good and damn ready
Oh I'm sorry, did that sound like a metaphor? 
Well perhaps because we met before 
But you don't know me like that (+Get Back, Get Back+), it's been a minute 
The sun don't chill and time don't stand still 
Change is real, you tie me to an anvil
You lose that too like a open hand filled with 
hourglass sands I been runnin in, uphill 
If the wind don't get you the tide will 

Wherever you at whatver your potions 
Raise your glasses high cause we toastin
Raise your voices cause a commotion 
We celebratin poetry in motion 
We pedal might hard in the streets 
Over beats like these we straight coastin 
Wave your hands like a man made ocean 
What you hear is poetry in motion 

You thinkin I'm s'posed to stoop to your level? (Never that)
I couldn't dig that low with a drill and shovel (Nah)
This ain't as simple as God vs. Devil 
We both exist betwixt the bass and treble 
I'm elevated lookin down from a distance 
You front right left back and still missed it 
My rhyme books record dreams in 3D 
Demonstrated via movies and TV
Ninjas, special forces, serial slayers 
Hawks, star ships, enterprising rhyme sayers 
Swoop down from the ceiling to make a killing 
Heroes, villains, red or blue pill dealings 
Facts or feelings, all will be revealed in 
the time it takes, for listeners to wake 
Some won't appreciate it 'til the wake 
(Whose wake?) Theirs or mines I guess we'll have to wait