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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  The Warm-Up
Song:   Welcome
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Fayettenam, yeah. Bitch

[Verse 1]
I'm sippin' liquor for the pain
Pourin' liquor for the slain
Nothin' else can do the trick, like hard liquor to the brain
Fall victim to the game, all this money we spent
In my mind tryna figure where this 20 g's went
Maybe I should slow it down; maybe take the pace slow
Second thought, I think I need to speed it up and make mo'
Time to build, Lego
In the Ville, laid low
Countin' days, still waitin' on that shit I prayed for
Am I ungrateful, want it all so quick
Feel a vibrate, hold up, I got a call, old bitch
How she get my new shit
Swear the city too small
Type of chick won't take her shirt off cause her titties too small
I could give a damn girl, lift up that pretty blue bra
Now I'm in the deep-seaing just how pretty you are
And that kitty go hard
Lawd, I'm up in that
Got the type of kitty cat that make a nigga double back
Type of shit that make a nigga wanna fall in love with that
At the door wit a towel on and nothin' under that sayin'

[Verse 2]
I let these words flow out
Like water from a spout
Like rain from the clouds
Rush the pain from the crowd
Cause these words go deep from my soul when I speak
Then the flows hit the souls of all those that I've reached
If I die 'fore I wake, hope my songs live on
Will they miss when I'm gone and if so, for how long
So much shit is on my brain
Try hard to maintain
Sit and analyze my thoughts
At times, I wonder if I'm sane
Man, it's hard to trust friends
When the paranoia blends with the marijuana
Wonder will this high ever end
Swear I'll never smoke again
Y'all niggas blow the weed
Let me take another shot
Man, this liquor's all I need
Just to put me in the zone
So far away from home
Nobody truly know me, got me feelin' so alone
They wonder what's on my mind
What's lingerin' in my dome
I tell 'em ain't nothin' wrong
I deal with it on my own
I deal with it on my own
Yeah, I deal with it on my own nigga