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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  The Warm Up
Song:   Royal Flush
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[Verse 1]
Yea, this Is the "Warm Up!"
Okay I roll up, hold up, look at how I showed up
I blowed up had a hole up in my pocket now it's sewed up
They fein' for that crack, you know that rock I got that product
You niggas trynna stop it better load up, I hang my coat up
Aye I'm gon' be here for a while so I smile haters
I'm on that green like a flower, like an alligator
Now or Laters I serving niggas I'm a sound waiter
Just tell me what you want I bring that back an hour later
Look how I cater, dog what chu afraid' of: Nothing
They talking gangsta without no data they: Fronting
Jackie-Chan Jean-Claude-Van-Dam strait stuntin'
I wish a nigga would say somethin'
I'm a Carolina nigga, boy I got it on my back
Piggy back style I ain't talking bout' no tatt
And I'm a rep the Ville in every city that I'm at
And I guarantee I'm bringing home plaques
Shoutout to my brother Zach, and my mother, I love ya


[Verse 2]
Yea look ain't that about a bitch
This nigga on his own dick, they say I'm like the human body I produce my own shit
And I tot' my own horn. a star when I was born
Many name ain't James, my word is bond
Yea shoutout to Cannibus had a similar line 98-99
Damn, that was the times never mind dwelling in the past
Your listenin' to the future
The flows gets tighter, them hoes get loosier
Then they wanna seduce ya like Madusa, be cool
I said I got a girl, she told me, "Me too"
So that must mean you want a nigga to eat that seafood
Baby don't be foolish but call her I'll watch her do it


Yea and this is only "The Warm Up" yea