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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  The Warm-Up
Song:   Just To Get By
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That was the warmup, that was the warmup baby
Aight Elite for real one take dawg and I'm up outta here
One. Yup. Yeah

[Verse 1]
Lord please forgive me for my sinnin'
I ain't sayin' that I'm finished
But I'm praying in advance
Cause the way her eyes glance like they playing in my pants
Yeah ballgame, I swear the hoes wasn't in my plans
When a nigga took the chance and came to the big city
My beat machine the only fucking thing I had with me
Like Bobby had Whitney we was cooking up crack
But the fifteen credits had a nigga off track
Picture that, best rapper since Lil' Wayne in classes
The best bachelor since Bruce Wayne with his bachelor's
The master of this rap shit
You hear the words coming from my lips bastards
I never crack I got that chap stick
I practiced till that shit made perfect
And served it to the people on a silver platter
Now where's the ladder
Cause either you gonna whine or you climb; I chose the latter
Know you haters is pissed hold your bladder though
‘Fore you get tossed like a forward lateral
We never tattle, let God handle that
Or let the mob handle that
No Soprano, half black, half white I'm a piano
I'm an animal my video on Discovery Channel
I'm a beast when my shit hits the streets these niggas cease
To exist like a beach in a tsunami
You find me in the ‘Ville, in the state of NC
Bitch, if I ain't back home I'm up in NYC
‘Bout that money probly like a fucking robbery
But I ain't jacking, I'm chasing dreams
Sort of like jeans, boy I ain't slacking
I'm chasing dreams, sort of like jeans, boy I ain't slacking
Hey take a hard look at my drive nigga no hacking
On my shit I'm straight smacking niggas, straight tagging niggas
Yo, I freestyle and fuck you niggas ya'll be wilding and I'm out