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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  Truly Yours 2 EP
Song:   Chris Tucker
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Chris Tucker, money talk motherfucker
Chris Tucker, money talk motherfucker
Chris Tucker, money talk motherfucker
Aye, all you broke niggas be quiet

[Verse 1: J Cole]
I can't control this urge to fuck hoes and splurge
My sidepieces got real jobs, nigga I don't fuck with no birds
My main chick she got real hair, ain't never had to shop to get her's
Got a neat freak that don't eat meat but goddamn she rocking them furs
Ball so hard motherfuckers wanna fine me, now the ho wanna climb me
If real recognize real, that's why it took a motherfucker like Hov to sign me
Ball so hard I'm the truth nigga, All-Star game catching oops nigga
If you a bitch and I'm a bitch, I'm Sheryl Swoopes and you hoops nigga


[Verse 2: J Cole]
Cole world, safe to say I'm cold blooded
In this cold life the more cold you are seem like the more the hoes love you
So I book a flight, she land today, she leave tonight with no luggage
Got the camera on in my bedroom, shooting video with no budget
Only nigga up in first class, old lady tryna be friendly, ay
She think I'm in the NBA, why a nigga can't have his MBA?
Next time I'm a flip the script, you know, kick some shit that's gon shock her
"You so tall what team do u play for?" No bitch I'm a doctor
Flow hella proper, Cole never flopped, nah
Float like a propeller no helicopter shit
Knots thick like a bowlegged chick
Stick dick to a gold digger, won't give her dollar
Fuck your nine I'm a whole different caliber
Nigga say they pop cause they don't fill they collars up
Read a book get your knowledge up, book a flight get ya mileage up
Bitch nigga...


[Verse 3: 2 Chainz]
I'm a start off with these four bars
I'm in a barbie at a sports bar
I'm rockin' gold balls, whoop your ass with this crowbar
I'm like "Oh Boy, catch your girl off that rebound"
Fix her hair up, get her a re-do
Just my car out that paint shop, so I guess that's a mothafuckin re-coupe
Let me demonstrate, gotta think about it before I go on a dinner date
Might eat a rich bitch, yes I got me expensive taste
Got my pockets on full, stomach on full, gun on full, I got full coverage
Niggas don't know the full story, I'm smokin on gas, full service
Money talk, true story, if you don't got none then don't say shit
Banana clips going ape shit, if you don't make money you don't make sense
I got gold on my bracelet, got ya girlfriend chasing it
Bust a nut in her mouth, so now she can baby sit


[Outro: J Cole]
This liquor I've been sippin' got me kissing all these models
And I might not see tomorrow, I might not see tomorrow
Please don't tell my momma I spent tuition on these bottles
Just to pay back all these loans man we gon' have to hit the lotto'