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Artist: J. Cole f/ Bas
Album:  Truly Yours 2 EP
Song:   Cousins
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Bas]
They putting prices on heads, silver or lead
I pray the scores settle 'fore the devil notice you dead
Got me smoking the potent, my eyes open and Otis, they red
Thoughts of my eye roam and words that I hoped I had said
That aunty sippin on, we missin ya
Even tho you gone, your thought alone can lift us up
This is us
Got some niggas that never call me unless they need something,
But I pick up, like, "whassup, what you need cousin?"
My niggas know that I love 'em
Give 'em roses while they can smell 'em
Cause ain't no tellin' who'll be here tomorrow
Used to borrow your digital scale
Flippin' them sales
But now it's digital dash while you're still in the past
Boy, trust me when I tell you, the picture got much bigger
The swishers and dutch fill up
Bitches in lust with us
Momma would dissapprove, losing my way
Lost in the sauce, this bolognese is so amazing
Had a talk and she remark: "you so engaging"
Running game, it's all the same
I'm growing jaded
Had a couple things in common, like Lonnie Lynn
But I'm too faded for conversatin'
I'm sittin' here contemplatin'

[Chorus x2: J Cole]
Time keeps slipping away, away
Another day another love song, hey
Another day another love song, hey

[Verse 2: J Cole]
Cousin in jail again, asking me for bail again
Close when I was 12, but I was much frailer then
He was like 16, a nigga from the gutter and
Years ago his favorite uncle had married my mother and
Here we are, runnin' through the Ville like dumb and dumber and
For that summer man I swear I wish you was my brother then
Well time passed and we fell off cause you moved back home
Little did you know Jermaine done grew a new back bone
Niggas thought he wouldn't make it 'till he proved that wrong
12 years later on the radio that Who Dat song
Your homeboy bumps the Warm Up now you buggin'
Cause you looking at the cover and you say "Yo that's my cousin"
And niggas looking at you like you lying but you wasn't
Next thing I know you blowing up my line all a sudden
And I'm showing love saying "yo look what I did,
Man, nobody coming from here ever did this shit this big"
But now you saying "Man enough about you,
Shit what about me, my nigga what about me?
Oh you forgot about me?"
Saying "Niggas showed you how to rap, now you don't know how to act
Boy I'm at the bottom you could pull a nigga out of that
Put me in a video, yo put me on your hottest track
Bring me on the road with you, you know 'cause got yo back
And I'm strapped up if them niggas act up
See you headed to the top you need to let me catch up
Please let me catch up
Won't you let me catch up man"
"I'll see you when I see you
Harsh as it seems to say, I wouldn't want to be you
Bail you out for your daughter and I pray to God
A nigga never pull your card or she won't ever get to see you"