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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  Truly Yours EP
Song:   Crunch Time
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

This for my niggas in the fourth quarter
Just watchin that clock tick...

[Verse 1]
Said at what point do you start seein' bread?
Been out hustlin' for years, shoe box right under my bed.
I moved the work out my momma house got me a lil ol' crib
I always fantasized if I had went to college instead.
Would I be happily married instead of broke and unwed?
My nigga made a major move I said I hope for the best.
I told my sister as I kissed her cheek, I'm better off dead.
Cuz fuckin' with this white its all been downhill like a sled.
Now I understand they say you make your own bed.
But tell me who supplied these sheets with this cheap ass thread?
In denial 'bout the feds, he can't see past bread.
Now do exactly what the man in the ski mask says, okay?
These are the times, survival my only crime
I gotta be on my grind, a lot of my homies gone.
Inside me Lord I know its a lie that we gon' be fine
But mama I'm tired of cryin', just lie to me one more time
Cuz it's crunch time

Cuz it's crunch time
Shit real man, a nigga got bills
Dog it's crunch time
It's crunch time
Shit real man, a nigga got bills

[Verse 2]
Look, scavenge these records of these days, MP3's
Looking for the samples to put a nigga on MTV's
This is for niggas with empty dreams and empty jeans
Still holdin' on to the word maybe
Cuz this 9-5 shit is driving you stir crazy
Comin home tired just to hear it from your lady
Hollin' 'bout your baby, need this and need that
And all you want is peace and quiet,
Maybe some feedback on these raps
Cuz labels ain't hollerin' and niggas ain't downloading
Nobody sees your vision, they walkin 'round blindfolded
All this time holdin on to possibilities,
You step outside, smoke a blunt and then you feel the breeze.
Fuck what they talkin'! It ain't like life come often.
The only thing worst than death is a regret filled coffin.
So try before you die, or always wonder "what if?"
I thank the Lord for this wonderful gift.
Lookin' for strength in this crunch time. [2x]