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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  I'm a Fool (S)
Song:   I'm a Fool
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yea, I'm a fool, hundred thousand for the jewels
Last year we killed the game and left y'all browsing for the clues
Old niggas out here search for that fountain of the youth
Money talks and hoes say its an arousing point of view
Don't make me act a fool like Malcom before the suit
How could you justify, I testified up in this booth?
And then, throughout the years, spilled tears and shared truths
Somehow they love a nigga better when he talk about his loot
Chain like a kelidescope, see life through a wider scope
Therefore, I know this necklace really represents a noose
Still I hit the jeweler how much racks to make me cooler
I just play the game homie, I ain't make the rules up
Started from the bottom same way you lace your shoes up
So if I'm blowing cake, blame it on the place I grew up
Where niggas had nothing but dreams and television
Got no plans of seeing hell or prision
You can tell I'm living, right?
Never said I'm living right

And they like
Boy you a fool [x3]
And they like [x3]
Boy you a fool, Boy you a fool
And they like, And they like

[Verse 2]
I'm a fool, hundred thou to go to school
So much debt left me and my mama damn near drowning in a pool
First to go to college, they say knowledge is a tool
But these hoes on campus make a young nigga drool
So we party, skip class, get ass and talk cool
Meanwhile, she back home working hard I use that as my fuel
So I finally graduated but I'm sad to say that
I ain't learn a fucking thing except the game and how to play it
I'm a fool, no scuffs on my shoes
No cuts I don't bruise, so fuck y'all reviews
She told me Cole I love you roll with you way before the riches
But you way too educated to be calling women bitch and calling brothas niggas
Pardon if I cross a line but all this time
Knew you was different than all them other niggas
I responded to her "please don't put me on a pedestal
Cuz I know better and I'm still a fool"