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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  K.O.D.
Song:   Window Pain (Outro)
Typed by:, J. Cole

[Intro: kid]
"One night
 When I wa- when me and my mom was about to go to bed
 All the doors was locked
 Then when I had fell asleep
 My mom had heard three um... gun shots
 It was to my cousin, his name was Ron
 The one that came to pick me up
 He had been shot right through the face, right in the neck
 And he got shot right in the stomach"

I put my head to the sky, I sing
Grateful for the blessings you bring
Thank you for the ones I love
Forgive me for the times I was
Down and confused, I know
What I reap is what I will sow
Once again I find myself
Back with you from my hell

All I ever wanted was to hear them bitches holla back
Get some money plus respect and now look, I got all of that
All I wanna do is see my granny on the other side
All I wanna do is kill the man that made my momma cry
All I wanna do is touch a platinum plaque and celebrate
All I wanna do is keep my niggaz out the yellow tape
All I wanna do is see my granny on the other side
All I wanna do is kill the man that made my momma cry

[J. Cole]
Right now I'm starin out the window of my Range and contemplating
Am I sane? Have I sacrificed for fame? My occupation's on my brain
Thought that I could change it all if I had change
But the niggaz that I came up with way back is still the same
I be tryin to give 'em game like Santa did when Christmas came
They be listenin but it's clear to me they did not hear a thing
It go in one ear and out the other like a bullet out the muzzle
of a pistol shot by brothers standin point blank range
Niggaz bang in the Ville, I always thought that shit was strange
How you claim Blood or Cuz when that was just a LA thing?
I don't mean no disrespect towards your set, no, I'm just sayin
That it seem like for acceptance, niggaz will do anything
Niggaz will rep any gang, niggaz will bust any head
Niggaz will risk everything, point him out and then he dead
Shootin up where his granny live, "Blaow, blaow!", his granny duck
He don't give a fuck, he's on Henny and Xanny'd up
Blowin Tammy up, bitch, when you gon' give them panties up?
He gon' plant a seed, but best believe he ain't man enough
Just because yo' dick can spray semen, it don't mean that you ready
to let go of yo' childish ways, the results are deadly
Because that child will suffer and that's what can most affect me
The little girl I met this past summer said, "Don't forget me"
I won't forget you, how could I with all you went through?
A bullet hit yo' cousin in Temple while he was with you
And while you was talkin, I was tearin up, where's the tissue?
If you was my sister then I would kiss you
and tell you that I'm sorry for the pain you had to live through
I know I'm blessed because yo' stress is realer than ANYTHING I done been through

[Chorus + Refrain]

"It's not that big
 Well at least, all of a sudden
 God had saved him 'cause he still alive (Amen)"

[J. Cole]
"So why do y'all think that bad stuff happen?
 Like why can't the world just be all nice things? Yes, sir"

"Because God is trying to, umm
 Warn-warn us or teach us a lesson that we need to learn
 Or He's trying to warn us of He's coming back to, um, see us
 and take us home and redo the world
 He's coming back to, umm, have us be His children
 and for us to see Him for the first time
 so we can rejoice with Him and ha-have our time
 And after we do that, He's gonna restart the world"

(K.  O.  D.)