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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  Friday Night Lights (Mixtape)
Song:   Farewell
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yeah, farewell
Hey, farewell
Alllmy niggaz farewell

Look, some niggaz let there dirt out
Some niggaz keep it in 'em
So when a man dies all his secrets go with him
And fame a part of history no longer known
Done did a lot of dirt I'll bury with me when I'm gone
When my story's told, how will they tell it?
Will they say I was a giver or will they say I was selfish
Will they say I was a sinner or pretend I was a saint
Will I go down as a winner, what's the picture they gon paint
Wouldn't say that I'm a quitter that's one thing I know I ain't ain't
Will they tarnish, will they taint?
Glorify me, overthink, say they know me, say I'm great
Say I'm phoney, I was fake
Say the things about me they never told me to my face
I was loved I was hated
Just a nigga with a dream
I'm a liar I was honest, I was all of these things
When I'm gone let em talk
They discussing who I am
When they bury me just know I was nothing but a man
Wasn't nothin' but a man

This for niggaz climbin' heavens stairwell
Yeah, hey farewell
Yeh, hey farewell
This for niggaz climbin' heavens stairwell
I pray you farewell
I bid you farewell
Yeah, ey, farewell
Yeah, yeah

If I should die Lord this here is my will
Reincarnate a nigga send me right back to the Ville
Let me relive my younger days just once again
Reenact my memories from every friend to every sin
Keeping demons buried in my closet
But yet I put in work like a deposit on my bank account
My eyes lit while I think about my childhood now I'm blanking out
Those were truly my best days
The only thing I had to stress was how the hell to get laid
Gradually turn into me stressin' how the hell to get paid
Been making songs so long, now how the hell they get played
Ok, I'm blowing up quickly
I guess the flow is sickly
But yet I can't forget my past and hope it won't forget me
Got good grades but age can't stop strays so pray for me
Pour liquor for my niggaz but hey, don't wait for me
Cause I'm trying to cheat death, she had to bury my ass
You know the cliche "lifes a bitch" well I'm gon marry that ass
And sign a pre-nup
Think back to when we tore the skating rink up
Rapping and we scrapping, we got older hit the teen club
Gave mean mugs to niggaz but we winked to all the girls
Then we went back to the crib thinking we had saw the World
No way, came a long way from having mom chauffer
It's hard to think these hoes at some point were so pure
But now we play the game, when it's over send me back
I swear I'm not gon change a thing
I swear I'm not gon change a thing

This for them niggaz climbin' heavens stairwell
Yeah, hey farewell
I pray you niggaz farewell
This for niggaz climbin' heavens stairwell
Hey farewell, hey farewell
Yeah, farewell