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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  The Come Up (Mixtape)
Song:   Mighty Crazy
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

It's me!
Feels good
Carolina, what up? (Blazing)
Fayettenam, what up?
Yo, ay, Yo!

You niggaz gotta be outta your rabbit ass mind
A savage over this cabbage
You really think I'm finna let your faggot ass shine? (no)
Whipping niggaz like big body Cadillacs
I'm on my grind, yo
Bonafide hancho
I could see through you niggaz with cataracts, blindfolds
As matter of fact, I'm so bomb- niggaz scatter that
Niggaz that, Niggaz so rat, Niggaz better act pronto
My whole state in a reign, better pack ponchos, y'all know
Shit is real in the ville, you could die slow or quick
Survival's a bitch!
But everybody don't meet her, so tuck the nine yo
Wherever y'all roll, niggaz allergic to 5-4
God knows I don't put up no facade, no
No fraud, niggaz scheming like Side-Show Bob
Keep my eyes so wide, not another wise
Disrespect me, you could watch your mother sigh
From the other side, punk-ass nigga
Jump and get lumped fast, throw you in the trunk
Blast pop while I pump gas
Skunk ass niggaz is trash, you need a sponge bath
My niggaz will ride all day like a funpass
That's some New York shit
I'm from the south, though
Don't never disrespect me, watch yo' mouth hoe
I got agent clout though, y'all niggaz dissin' me is doubtful
You talk shit? Watch your life fade like the outro!