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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  The Come Up (Mixtape)
Song:   Homecoming
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Uh, yeah
Uh, uh-huh

I'm I-95 cruising, with the sun in my eyes
In the south, dog, my momma ain't seen her son in awhile
Yea, I'll sure is
Can't wait to see my niggaz and fuck with my old chicks
Can't wait to cruise the city, be catching them old grins
Same niggaz, same place, doing the same old shit
Yea, so nigga watch it!
A nigga been in NY tryna get some bigger pockets
You still up in the ville, tryna make it in the trap
I'm finna put us on the map; I told you I was coming back, Cause
Yeah, so make way, the prince of the city, ain't a street I can't stay
You niggaz is hatin, ' just be happy I ain't changed
Blunts rolled to the murk, we all want the same thing
And that's- money to feed us, yup
We pray to God, but, we ain't tryna meet Him yet, haha!
Yea, If I never..
Nigga, man
Actually that is a bad idea, my nigga
Cause uh
Na na na
Now I'm a always come home
It's where a nigga was grown
Where a nigga was shown
How to scrap, yup
Shown how to mack, yup
Sold a whole lot of crack, yup
Juggling them hoes
There was a whole lot of that, yup
Momma work to the bone
Putting clothes on my back
I'm coming home to give everything I owe to her back, yea
I swear they say, man
Yea yeah
Shout to the whole ville!
Of course, so real!
If I never..
If I never went home again
"Hello?, chill out nigga, what's up, boy?
Yeah, I just touched down man
I'm over off Ramsey and shit
Aiight, well look
I'm about to go check out my mom's man
What's jumping for tonight?
Oh the Live? I'm in there, nigga"