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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  The Come Up (Mixtape)
Song:   College Boy
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Ay check me out man
In case y'all niggaz didn't know
Shout out to the class of 2007
St. John's University, stand up! (Fayetteville state, nigga)
All my North Carolina A&T Aggies stand up, UNTG man
Carolina, NC State, Duke, wait for us, Salam State, man
Fayetteville Tech

For all my college niggaz man
For all y'all little niggaz, this is why you should got to college, my nig

It's hard to picture a nigga not get money
J.Cole living bummy? hahaha That shit is funny
I'm focused on that cash, I just laugh at them bastards
Eligible bachelor, finna get my Bachelor's
And if this rap shit don't work, I'm going for my Master's

Still scouting hoes on the first day of classes
Keep up with the asses, keep up with the grades
A nigga straight A's like the braze
She got me in her dorm room, talking bout her room ain't clean
And she wanna fuck, but wait until her roommate leaves
Now I could give a damn if her roommate seeing
Cause if the girl get excited, she's invited. (haha)

If it's alright with you, yea, shit, then it's alright with me
If it's alright with you baby girl, then it's alright with me, (uh)
And if it's alright with you shawty, then it's alright with me
Hey and if it's alright with you, (yea, yea) then shit, it's alright with me

Yeah, uh, I hate to brag, well naw, I don't, the big man on campus
I gotta chick in every class that give a nigga glances
And if your ass is dumb you won't even get a chance
Cause I gotta chick in every class that give a nigga answers, yea

And if I hit ya shorty, keep it on the low
This shit just like highschool, people wanna know
I see you haters man, but I ain't mad at y'all niggaz
We get ass like them basketball niggaz, I'm ballin'!
Got a sidekick so them hoes don't be callin'!

Hit me on aim, ay what's your screen name?
When I start typing in, a nigga's got some mean game, yea
And when I whip it out, shit she gonna think she seeing things, but
Back in Carolina I miss home badly, (yea)
It's funny hoes I couldn't have is tryna bag me
But I'm in the Jeep with this freaky ass Aggy
She said she want it from the back, gladly

If it's alright with you, shit, then it's alright with me, (hey)
If it's alright with you baby girl, then it's alright with me, (uh)
And if it's alright with you shawty, then it's alright with me
Look, if it's alright with you, (yea) you know it's alright with me
Yea uh

I'm skipping class just to get some ass, living fast
And college with no sleep nigga, my jab-quick exams
So kill that old college game, some shit we don't believe

You mad cause your girl on Facebook poking me, so uh
You know the G, I hit her up like "Hello Elle
I see you looking right the other day, LOL
So, what's good with you? "
She hit me right back like "Shit, what's good with you? "
You know I like that, so of course I write back
Hit her with some nice chat

Same night she in my room, lights off I strike that
Yea I put game right, but that's your wife, nigga take her
I bust then I kick her ass out to write a paper, yea (hahaha)

A nigga doing homework, drinking like a fish
It ain't a weekend that I'm sober
Fighting hangovers on my way to my internship
And I forgot to study for my midterm, shit!

Hahahaha, wooo!

Ay, this is straight through, nigga
No, no fucking, no double takes
This is straight through the whole shit nigga

Check it out man, tryna tell y'all niggaz man
College is a good look
A real good look, my nigga
For more reasons than one, man
Know they try to keep us out of that shit though
That shit like extra expensive
I got scholarships though, so you know I'm not sweating that
I feel for my niggaz that couldn't make it man
Ay Mike we in there baby, hahaah
Ay they can't, they can't keep us out the G my nigga, you know
Then we all make it, nah, we ain't all make it

Shout out to my niggaz, man
All my niggaz, yo
Weather you graduated or not
Weather you made it to college or not, nigga
Fayettenam, yeah, yeah
Class of 2007 man
Holla at me
I'm going to grad school though, you know?