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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  Cole World: The Sideline Story
Song:   God's Gift
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[*Sample from "Francisco" by Milton Nascimento plays throughout*]

[Intro - J. Cole - talking]
Up, up and away
Hey, do you trust me? (uh)
Would ya love me?
Then it must be

[Verse 1 - J. Cole]
Worldwide stunner, oh man, I'm a
Reign on the game, make it storm and thunder
Grab an umbrella bitch and go stand under
And bundle up, it's gonna be a cold/Cole ass summer (uh, uh)
You niggaz so last summer
On to the new, on, on to the new shit
Jigga wouldn't even take my CD when he seen me
Two years later, bitch we made it on, on to "The Blueprint" (huh)
Now how's that for persistence?
Cole World comin, call back up assistance (uh)
Same broads used to hang up on my walls
Now they come up out they drawers, how's that for a mistress? (uh)
Hell bent (uh), Heaven sent (huh)
Lord I repent, if I ever sinned
Now I know I ain't the richest but I still wanna ball
Put money over bitches but we still underdogs

[Chorus - J. Cole] - w/ ad libs
Did you miss me?
No, I don't know where I'm goin but I'm goin, now is you comin with me?
Up, up and away
Hey, do ya trust me?
If I was on my last dollar, dead broke, assed out, would ya love me?
Then it must be, a match made in Heaven

(Wake up, wake up, wake up) - God's gift
(Get up, get up, get up) - God's gift
(Wake up, wake up, wake up) - God's gift
(Get up, get up, get up) - God's gift
Motherfucker this is God's gift

[Verse 2 - J. Cole]
Huh uh, huh uh, pussy my passion
Man I just can't help it, I see a cookie, I grab one
Lookin for some nookie, I'm tryin to scope me a bad one
Every verse I spit it, just like it could be my last one
Huh uh, huh uh, ever since I got on
I've been on a mission to fuck the bitches I missed out on (huh)
Ex-cheerleader, hollerin "what's up?"
Now her nigga beat her, damn, that's fucked up
What type of, little, fuck boy hit a
Woman? Bet he wouldn't put his hands on a nigga (huh)
I ain't bitter boy, that's all you (huh)
Plus I just fucked her 'fore she called you (huh)
Dry your eyes baby, I'll drive ya home
Older hoes sayin "my, how you've grown"
I came up (uh), fucked the game up
Show my mama I'll survive on my own

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs