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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  Cole World: The Sideline Story
Song:   Breakdown
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[Intro - J. Cole - talking]
Yeah, look

[Verse 1 - J. Cole]
I just shed tears homie, nah I ain't too proud to admit it
Just seen my father for the first time in a minute
And when I say a minute, I mean years man
Damn, a whale could've swam in them tears, fam
'Cause as I left 'em, I reflected on my younger days
When it was just me and my brother and my mother played
father, 'cause no other man bothered, not even my biological
It never seemed logical
But I accepted it, 'cause I ain't know no better
Though I was brighter than a Polo sweater
No pops was like Martin with no Coretta
So many things you could've told me
And saved me the trouble of lettin my mistakes show me
I feel like you barely know me
And that's a shame 'cause our last name is the same
That blood type flowin through our veins is the same
My mama left you and it maybe your anger's to blame
But that's no excuse, only you and God know the truth
And why you only called monthly, barely ever saw me
Spend some summers with you and played with my cousin Vorry
Maybe I should be tellin you "fuck you", 'cause you selfish
But I want a father so bad, I can't help but - breakdown

[Chorus - J. Cole]
I breakdown
I can't help but breakdown
I breakdown

[Verse 2 - J. Cole]
Yeah, I never thought I'd see my mama on that shit, man
It's fuckin with her body, now she sick, damn
I wanted a big house with the white picket fence and a pool
Who would've ever thought that it would come to this, man?
Quicksand, is what this life feel like
That shit these rappers kick is nothin like real life
You made a milli off of servin hard white, yeah right
My mama tell you what addicted to that pipe feel like?
Stupid niggaz, ain't heard of cops been shootin niggaz?
I swear to God, wish I could bulletproof my niggaz
Can't get no jobs but they still recruitin niggaz
We tryin to stand tall, when it get too crucial niggaz - breakdown

[Chorus - J. Cole]
We breakdown
We breakdown
We breakdown
Bring the breakdown

[Verse 3 - J. Cole]
Yeah, he's servin time, locked down
And she don't want nobody to know
His daughter twenty-five pounds
By the time he get out, she gon' be four
Now will his girl stay down?
Ain't no doubt she love him, yeah that's for sure
But temptation stays round
And if she strayed, how could he ever know? (never know)
And so, she goes, to the club on the weekend
A little freakin, but them niggaz holla
But she never speakin, but tonight I see the Devil creepin
'Cause she been lonely, she ain't felt a man in seven seasons
Damn, she do the best that she can
Her mama tellin her to find another man
She college educated with a felon boyfriend
That's what she thinkin tonight, maybe she's right

[Break - J. Cole]
But please, stay down mama
Gotta, be strong, don't breakdown mama
Please, stay down mama
Gotta, be strong, don't breakdown mama
Don't breakdown (yeah)
Don't breakdown
Don't breakdown
Don't breakdown
Uh, bring the breakdown

[Outro - J. Cole]
Break, breakdown
Steady breakin me down
Break, breakdown
Steady breakin me down
Break, breakdown
Steady breakin me down
Break, breakdown
Steady breakin me down