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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  Any Given Sunday #5
Song:   Neverland
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Is the whole world gunning for me, or is it just all in my mind?
If you want it, come and see me
I ain't got nothing but time
One day you're gonna set me free
But first you gotta let me shine
Niggas ain't high as I be
See, look momma I'm flyin'

To Neverland, Neverland, Neverland
I'll probably never land
Neverland, Neverland, noo, I'll never never land

[Verse 1]
Check my fortune cookie, its that Cole World
Could that mean it's meant to be?
So much drive a nigga coulda been a chauffeur
This life is fucking with me mentally
Fake niggas try to act like they a friend to me
I treat you lames how I see you lames, enemies
My good girl say they wanna know the inner me
My bad girl sayin' fuck all that, enter me
Double shots, hennessy bring out bad tendencies
Try to cut something, need a volunteer, Tennessee
Anything to take my mind off
I logged on and made them muthafuckas sign off
I got the on my dick they'll never climb off
I switch watches yet I never took time off (time off)
I don't know whats worse, fake friends or fake fans
Both kissing ass for the chance to shake hands and damn


[Verse 2]
I'm sorting through this, organised confusion to get my thoughts together
This shit is sounding like a movie you can watch forever
I gotta make it to the top, it's either now or never
These other niggas can't adapt because they not as clever
The shit they talk is more expensive but I doubt its better
She let that nigga make it rain but guess who got it wetter
Cold World, snow flurries in the hottest weather
And, so sick they can't fix this with medi-cine
We at yo door and she gotta let us in
It's what you want, I whet your appetite
Cole hit the scene now I'm what everyone rapping like
Shame you feel you have to bite
Still ain't nobody snapping right
Pedal to the metal as I'm speeding through the traffic lights
Bitch I gotta catch a flight, come on already
Still fight like I'm the underdog, I'm on already
Got a few niggas we bout to prove wrong, ya'll already already