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Artist: J. Cole
Album:  Any Given Sunday #1 EP (Mixtape)
Song:   Unabomber
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Fresh off the motherfucking broadcast
And I'm here, fuego nigga
Yeah, hey, uh, it's happening fast
Yeah, uh

I told niggas on the low, but they ain't hear it though
Boy that man in the mirror is a miracle
Hey wipe your face, momma told you no more tears would flow
We eating better than we was a few years ago
Send you Western Union on my pay day, a week later it's May day
So you returned the favor, we stayed afloat like some sailors
Bill collectors blowing us up, the couldn't fade us
Bitch I made straight A's, go 'head, try and degrade us, haters
But this one's funny: man one year later I was on them phones
Collecting money, a lesson for me: everybody's got a story dog
Unfortunately learned I can't do nothing for you dog
I'm trying to run the whole game like a morning jog
With hits like a porno blog
Not hopping out to shower to make ten dollars an hour
Ain't judging though, to each his own
You pay your bills and raise your kids inside a decent home
More power to you, but a message to you fuck niggas
I hope your kids grow up and never wanna fuck with you
This punk nigga knocked up two hoes at the same time
And told this nigga they was lying dog, they ain't mine
That's cold blooded but ain't nothing new
Same old, fuck it though, what's up with you?
If you made it this far listening without skipping
Then I gotta show love, don't worry I'm just venting
The late night thoughts of a nigga on a mission
And I rock my girl to sleep in missionary position
Tuck that ass in and then I went and grabbed a pen
And now you have it, words flowing like magic, it's truly accurate
You niggas posing like some hoes up in a beauty pageant!
Nobody touching me, it's like I got the cooties rapping
Remember when we called niggas African booty scratchers?
Yeah that was random, but man, so is life
You grab your needle, grab your thread, and hope you sew it right
I find myself fiendin' for a spot to go at night
With the liquor flowing steady and the hoes polite
The fast lane makes me reminisce on slower life
The unabomber, bitch I'm blowing up over night (BOOM!)

Hey, yo, it's happening fast
I say it's happening fast
All the drama that I had to get past
Will it last? Or will it pass?
Just as quick as it came
Hoes knowing my name
Dog, welcome to fame
I pray to God we don't change
But even if you don't
Most niggas look at you strange
But I guess I can't complain (Hey)
Hey man it's happening fast
I say it's happening fast
I say it's happening fast