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Artist: J Boog
Album:  Hear Me Roar
Song:   Come and Get It
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Ooooh lady how I love the way
Your voice when you speak to me
Your sweat when you leak for me
Said baby my name is boog from the south pack way
Every inch of your body
I wanna yell out oooh babe
So won't you say yes laaaady
Come chill with me

If you want some action
Come and get it
Some real satisfactions
Come and get it
Long lasting all night
Come and get it
Girl I know what you like
Come and get it

[Verse 1: Fiji]
Oooooh baby your body when you move for me your eyes lookin in to me
Your touch all over my body
Layin next to you makes me wanna say oooooh babe oh baby
Lying next to you makes me wanna say ooooh
Squeezing and rubbin on you all night long
Takin advantage of your every way
We make sweet lovin to our favorite song
And you can have it your way baby


I know you like it when I pull you hair
Run my finger down your spine while your back is bent
Make your bady shiver baby
Make your toes curl
I would get down on the crazy oh yeah
My body's yerning for you
Your body's yerning for me
Get by the wall we proceed
Let me full fill all your needs
So after when we are done
We both can lay here with ease yess now repeat

[Verse 2: J Boog]
Let me lick you up and down move your body round
Push my love aside and make you say dem sexy sounds
Hit the high key girl you know what I'm talking bout
Please stop fronting now just pull dem satins down

[Chorus: until fade]