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Artist: Isaiah Rashad f/ Jean Deaux
Album:  Cilvia Demo
Song:   Menthol
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Isaiah Rashad]
Yeah; she so fuckable, and she got the menthol (yeah)
And Tunji brought the trees that turned my trousers into cement drawls (yeah)
Sleepin' on couches, only vouchers is my in-laws (yeah)
He sold ten ounces, one verse is like an eight-ball (yeah)
Look, I seen it crystal clear, I seen a pistol near
Seen it cock back and knock caps like it's senior year
These niggas think I give a fuck, I could drink a beer
Read a magazine - hut, hut, pass interference
I've been ridin' clean in my bucket for a couple years
I've been pre-stressed Laurence Pucket, mu'fucka, yeah
Baby hold my hand while I stumble up these fuckin' stairs
Know your nigga here, you still suckin', why you fuckers scared?
And hoes love it when I'm high off life, cause she know
I'm getting faded, I could fuck all night
Y'all too busy poppin' Mollies, you could die off hype
My favorite rapper poppin' ollies and he rap all dyke, I know it

[Chorus: Jean Deaux + Isaiah Rashad w/ Isaiah ad-libing over the phone]
I had a couple drinks, and I wonder
If I could call you, tomorrow and borrow, your heart
See I've been stressin' for a blessin'
The one that would set me apart, set me apart

[Interlude: Jean Deaux + Isaiah Rashad]
Hey, I got all my problems, but I no have no weed
When they say money solve 'em, I say "No, not me"
And I don't love no more, but I'll just let you be
Cause you see all my problems and you still had loved me

[Isaiah Rashad]
Ay, ay, look
You cut your hair about as short as your temper
The prescription for dementia start slippin' and elixirs make it hard to remember
As I recall it with your heart in a blender, drinks spikin'
Still chillin', put your life on ice and sink like me
The actions of us, lackin' the passion, but think
Righteous from pussy upon a tongue, to callin' to hear my son
Thought the remedy was ballin', I'm falling darlin' I'm done
Finna to be a workaholic, an alcoholic or somethin'
I'm just callin' baby