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Artist: The Internet f/ Coco O
Album:  Purple Naked Ladies
Song:   Lonely Notes
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*instrumental for 0:51*}

[Coco O]
If you wanna roll with me fine
Just mind
I can't stay out all night

[Syd Tha Kid]
Baby it's okay
Just tell me when to take you home
Cause I
Wanna wanna hold you, I do

Ba-by, you don't have to have a reason why
You don't have to live that life
Get it out your mind
Zooming nine to five for your love

[Coco O]
If I wasn't acting quite right
I'm just shy
Its just me, myself, and I

[Syd Tha Kid]
Don't hesitate
To call me on the telephone
Cause I don't want you to be alone
Noo ohhhhh


I'm I really supposed to
Supposed to be
I don't really know what it is
Am I really that lonely?
I don't
Maybe you can even
Teach me how to smoke weed
And I can meet some of your... friends