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Artist: Infamous Mobb
Album:  Blood Thicker Than Water Vol. 1
Song:   Worldwide
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

(Intro) G.O.D. Father Part III
Let's do it, more then ever
Let's do thangs
Yeah I'm wit you son
Right now, right now
I got it, I got it
Let's do it, c'mon
Is you wit me?

[G.O.D. Father Part III]
We bring it harder than most, compare no other
Cuz Blood Thicker Than Water, we close like brothers
From another mother, we smuggle these chickens like gravy
Relapse through these tracks, only radio can play me
Keep the chrome .380, some people be so shady
I be waitin' for a coward ass nigga to try to play me
Keep the ratchet off safety, sittin' on 20's
Keep spinnin' when I stop like I'm still in motion
Understand how we holdin', heavy artillery
Consider me a threat, I'm bout to make history
I form a symbol sip line Bacardi
Heavy on the wrist, Thug Muzik when we party
Dunn we break bread wit that animal instinct
I stay bent, cherry eye, chocolate scent
It's repetitive, platinum and gold plated albums
The hood is what we be about, niggaz gon' hear me out

[Ty Nitty]
Ayo we mobbed out, I put the fifth to ya brain
IM3 ain't no game, but we got niggaz that bang
One phone call, then is off wit ya head
I ain't gotta say shit twice to get it dunn
I don't care where you're from you can still get it dunn
Your name ring bells, and so do these shells
You gon' be leakin', crawlin' to ya death
Your grave is waitin' for you, your name don't rep
A lot of stress and commotion, I'm gon' through the motion
First nigga front he be gon' through convulsion
Head wide open, I'm tired of the bullshit
Don't judge me, if you don't know me
I got homies that's OG's, that'll body somethin'
From the Bridge, homeboy, none of us be frontin'
We got a world of our own, six blocks, 96 buildings
Everybody holdin' chromes
(Chorus) G.O.D. Father Part III
I want y'all to hear me know we gets busy
Is you wit me, Queens, New York City
Chi-Town, L.A., the hood gets busy
North Clique to Philly
The world gon' feel me
I want y'all to hear me know we gets busy
Across Brooklyn, Manhattan
The hood gon' feel me
VA, DC, know we gets busy
Through city-to-city the streets gon' feel me

[Twin Gambino]
Yo, yo, yoÉ
I put my life on the line, every time I rhyme
I roll wit two nines and got a big head
Fuck this foul place, I'd rather be dead
Niggaz think shit's sweet, here, eat lead
My life is based on gettin' that bread
Gettin' that head, from a badass bitch
And I walk wit a curse, I don't need to snitch
Dunn I'm just tryna get up, front, you get hit up
Twin don't give a fuck, I run the streets
Duckin' the D's, I'm grindin', the kid gotta eat
Wit the heater in my hand, I gets no sleep
Catch me in all black in the hood on the creep
Gambino came up wit this ill technique
Just run up in the bank and get that CREAM
You need a team and we all be upÉ
ÉIn the club poppin' bottles, dunn livin' it up

(Chorus) G.O.D. Father Part III
I want y'all to hear me know we gets busy
Is you wit me down in Mississippi?
Cleveland, Boston, the hood gon' feel me
IM3 clique, dunn know we gets busy
I want y'all to hear me know we gets busy
Texas, B-More, the Midwest feel me
Canada, overseas, the hood gets busy
MIA, UK, to NY
I want y'all to hear me know we gets busy
Is you wit me, New Jersey City?
Arizona, Ohio, Chile
Coast-to-coast, worldwide, we gets busy
I want y'all to hear me know we blow trees
Is you wit me in Kansas City?
Oklahoma, Seattle, Haiti
Amsterdam light that haze up crazy

(Twin Gambino)
That's right, IM3 dunn
All the hood across the fuckin' world
That's right, stand up

(G.O.D. Father Part III)
Everybody worldwide, M-O-B-B
Yeah, yeah, uh-huh
ATL, Utah, dunn Seattle, Maine, Alaska
St. Louis, Nebraska
All my hayyyyyy!!!!! Keep movin'