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Artist: Infamous Mobb
Album:  Blood Thicker Than Water Vol. 1
Song:   Greenbacks
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[G.O.D. Father Part III]
Rap, tap that ass up, cookin' up raptor
Slingin' on raps like crack I can bag to
Where I'm suppose to, be bicoastal
I'm quick to roast you
Show 'em what the toast do
Travel so much, 52 states is local
A hood near you, comin' through from my people
Spittin' that lead through the G.O.D. Part III do
Pack the Eagle, niggaz do what we do
I see you, you see me, cowards best be easy
He gets down in greasy, word to my neezy
Believe me, check a nigga just don't tease me
It's hard to be me, G.O.D. from QB

[Twin Gambino]
Yo it's Gambeezy from QBC, dunn
Aint' nuttin' changed but me on the run, son
My life changed, but I'm still holdin' them big guns
Stop grillin' me before I make you feel some
Hot bullets that'll melt ya skin dunn
Fuck life, I'm just tryna get sucked off
While y'all handcuffin' nasty slutty whores
Tired of grindin', but I got no other choice
What the fuck I'm a do? Got no education
That's why I got this attitude with no hesitation
Police comin' at me, you know I'm a start jettin'
Runnin' through your hood
Your old lady say I'm no good

[Ty Nitty]
Yo, I play my position, no more, no less
It's time to progress
Get these checks, fuck jail
I love my freedom, weed and sex
It gives me a rush
To see my shorties buss
Exotic faces, screamin' my name
Ain't no shame in my game
I was taught by the best
Now I'm a school the rest
41st Side on my neck
IM3 the set, we've been doin' it too long
Now it's just for rep

(Chorus) G.O.D. 4x
I refuse to fall back, gettin' them greenbacks
I'm ready for combat, I'm ready to click-clack

[Twin Gambino]
Yo, you can jump, we can thump, dunn, whatever you want
You don't want me send Ali Moe out wit the pump
He's a young ass kid and he ready to ride
Don't even look this way before I punch you in your eye
I'm a light-skin nigga and I'm ready to die
Lived in Queens all my life and I'm ready to fire
That's how I feel when I'm high off the shit I buy
Been a hustler all my life and that's no lie

[G.O.D. Father Part III]
I pull out, better scat, uh, blowin' my mag light
Don't even force my hand, nigga act right
Don't make me switch my plans and take yo life
If the price is right, I'd probably take yo life
Cuz you'd probably do the same to me
Capital G, and y'all ain't got shit on me
Take it to another degree and let off steam
Light the inf' wit the beam dust a nigga off clean

[Ty Nitty]
When it's time to ride ain't no turnin' back
Once the kid click-clack, it's a wrap for you boy
You gon' be on you back, I refuse to fall back
We gon' get it poppin'
Soon as you see the kid you better get the hoppin'
Ain't no talkin', I'm a New Yorker
And I'm ready for combat
Ain't no few jams frontin', I'll melt ya fitted cap
I'm from QB, you see me, thugged out nigga!

(Chorus) G.O.D. 4x