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Artist: Infamous Mobb f/ Chinky
Album:  Blood Thicker Than Water Vol. 1
Song:   Got That Iron
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Ty Nitty]
Ayo we too deep in the game
Our clique off the chain
We stay buddah'd up, what we burnin' up? (Burnin' that fire)
You come to the hood you might get shot down
We stay bent, bloodshot eyes, ready to ride
If you think we them herbs, then press ya luck
We got them big street sweepers that'll light you up
Play tough, get snuffed by one of my shorties
Act up, we gon' have to call your peeps for back-up
Strap up, we got them fuckin' animals wit us
And they hungry, they don't give a fuck about the business
They want that quick dough like runnin' up in ya crib-o
Layin' everybody down and tyin' 'em up

(Chorus) Chinky
You say you thuggin', you be lyin' 
If you cross us, you are dyin'
Now we reppin', yuh we tryin'
Infamous, we got that iron

[G.O.D. Father Part III]
Yeah, I got the calico prayin' like an animal waitin'
Like I'm thirsty, attack when it's worthy
Since the day my moms birth me
Fresh out the boom, get it poppin' like grand's tune in the middle of June
Have you leakin' like the Attica riots
Wit big swords we brought Lords
I read you out like bloody paws
Get the Gods, big four-four's and all
Tall, big and small, you could touch the floor
Ride to the call,  if it's on let it be on
I cut you out, gun butt ya mouth
Show 'em what a thug nigga about
Once you in, how you can't get out
We the Mobb, no doubt

(Chorus) Chinky

[Twin Gambino]
We keep it gangsta, ain't no prankstas and wankstas
If I was on the Island I'd send my bloods to shank ya and yank ya
Bullshit, chain off ya neck, I die wit my tek
Axe, the streets we get right
It's like rollin' dice, we stickin' a bank tonight
Cuz I aced out two times and that shit ain't right
It's like Mike against Kobe, nobody can stop me
Your whole style is sloppy, I be layin' in your lobby
Wit the big ass shotty, you ready to get bodied
Then I bounce in the Jeep wit my nigga Ron Gotti
You know I keep them hotties, givin' that's brain
Like old dog and Kane, you know I keep that thang

(Chorus) Chinky 2x