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Artist: Infamous Mobb f/ UN
Album:  Blood Thicker Than Water Vol. 1
Song:   The Future
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[G.O.D. Father Part III]
I'm hung, the kid needs money by the millions
I'm a get it, and split it wit the family, handle business
Bare witness, Reality Rap, see how we live it?
Know we spit it, and give it to the world through our lyrics when you hear it
Comin' through the speakers
We roll up like the cheeba taker, deep pole of that ether
IM3 Infamous, UN be the feature
Fresh out the pops like a new pair of sneakers
Hundred thousand dollars beepers, it gets deeper
Street sweepers, AK's, them big heaters
Take off ya top, get dropped down
It's easy from the hood where is greasy
Y'all cowards best believe me

I represent the dirt, filth, scum of the Earth
Land two head shots, one in your shirt
Sets breathe envy, cribs gets built
Wives get left lives, kids get killed
'Gnac get thrown back like Fabulous closet
See niggaz get shot, stabbed, and 'napped in the projects
Seen coke get turned over like sliced up apples
Chill, them bitches bottle dawg, they might buss at you
Far Rockaway to QB front and stunt on us
My killers rep IM3 wit guns on us
And I don't really know what type of haze y'all smokin'
But, niggaz like you keep the graveyard open

(Chorus) Ty Nitty
From Far Rockaway, QB, we the future
We spit the truth every time we step in the booth
Reality Rap, that's all we know
Money, guns, drugs, and ho's

[Ty Nitty]
Nigga is when they get it in the worst way
All ya cowards die slow, y'all can't stop our flow
I ain't tryna go back to the block sellin' crack
I'd rather fall back in rap, get paid off that
Catch me at the shows, bent off 'gnac
Chasin' wit hypnotic, we got broads exotic 
IM3 we got it lock
Big chains and crosses, Nitty the enforcer
Gambino will yap you, G.O.D. will clap you
Fuck outta here, ya not in our league  
Your minor, we major, we large
Big uneven drugs, you know we on our job

[Big Gambino]
Yo we here to break the plate
Roll deep like Jakes
Bounce state-to-state
Do shows for cake
Y'all niggaz better come straight
Or razors to ya face
We move like Kuwait and ready to attack
Join full to the top wit my brother law like COPS
I'm bound to get knocked and do a little time
Ain't nuttin' wrong in doin' a little crime
Get ya pockets right, so you can live fine
Reality Rap dunn, I"m gon' get mine
So I can cop a crib and lay in wit a dime
My name the Big Twin but you can call me Slime
That walk wit that limp, from that big nine

(Chorus) Ty Nitty 2x