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Artist: iLoveMakonnen
Album:  Don't Be Hating on Makonnen (S)
Song:   Don't Be Hating on Makonnen Freestyle
Typed by: AZ Lyrics


Ain't heard my soul in so long
Wonder where have I went and where I'm goin
Cause you did me wrong, yeah
And it made me alone, yeah
So, had to come right back with a new attack
Now you gon' be feelin' this and droppin' that
Wonder where ya at, now?
See if you got time to come around
Let me get that whip right
Can I catch that soundbite?
For the last two years, wonder who these niggas sound like
Yeah, now they actin' like they don't know me
I see some pictures niggas was lookin like homies
Why are they so fake?
I don't even know, I can't speak that name
I'm just out here doin mine
Out here like the sun a-shine
It ain't no debatin' when it comes to this creatin'
It seems like Makonnen the only one originatin'
The other ones just keep on imitatin'
Yeah, while they, while they hatin' on Makonnen

Aw, hatin' on Makonnen
Don't know what... why they hatin' on Makonnen?
Is it cause I'm glowin'?
Maybe cause I'm growin'
That girl not even knowin'
Probably gayer than Makonnen
If they hated on Makonnen
Hated on Makonnen
Yeah I see which way you're goin
If you hated on Makonnen
Bruh your girl ain't even on you
Probably gayer than Makonnen
Hatin' on Makonnen
Probably hate it cause I'm glowin'

You know that I'm the king
Don't need no ring
Every fuckin' song I sing, they try to sing
Always on the same wave
But we ain't on the same page
Can I slow it up and pour it up?
Have so many colors look like rainbows in my cup
Damn it why ya swaggin' on them?
Smokin' on that California
Hatin' on Makonnen
Hatin' cause I'm glowin'
Hatin' cause I'm glowin'
All you know I see ya growin'
Ain't hatin' cause you're growin'
Ain't hatin' cause you're glowin'
You're hatin' on Makonnen
Wanna sing my songs and love my name
Swear that you would give me things like diamond rings
I ain't never want no chains and need no cars
Told you I came from the sky just like the stars
When will you believe me?
I ain't on decieving
And this was a freestyle
You know I'm so damn wild
I'm 'bout to upload it to Soundcloud right now
While you're hatin' on Makonnen

Hatin' on Makonnen
Oh, hatin' cause I'm glowin'
Oh, hatin' cause I'm glowin'
Oh your girl ain't even on ya
Probably gayer than Makonnen
If you're hatin' on Makonnen
Don't be hatin' cause I'm glowin'
Come see at my show