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Artist: Illus f/ Blueprint, Ill Bill, DJ Johnny Juice, Makana
Album:  Family First
Song:   The Gift
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{sounds of Illus's child Makana being born}

Yo yo yo
Yo wassup? This is Blueprint
Reppin Rhymesayers Entertainment
You're now listening to Illus, "Family First" project
Family to me, means uh..
Standing by your people, through good and bad times
That means rain, hail, sleet, snow
When the sun's out, the best and the worst of times
It's not just something that uh.. you could choose
whenever it's convenient for you
That's not the family mentality
The family mentality, the family first eans always being there
No matter what for your people, to support and hold them down
To show unconditional love...
Word up

{DJ Johnny Juice cuts and scratches}
"Family first!"

[Ill Bill]
Peace, this is Ill Bill
Representing Heavy Metal Kings and La Coka Nostra
featured on my man Illus brand new album "Family First"
Go out and cop that and um.. yeah 
"Family First", to me is the perfect title for this record
Perfect title cause um.. family should always come first
Anything else is secondry and um..
The word family means a lot more to me than just 
sharing the same DNA with somebody
Cause I have friends that are closer to me than my own blood relatives
So I gotta gve huge mega salute and shout outs
to my entire family including ALL my sisters
ALL my brothers from another mother

{DJ Johnny Juice cuts and scratches}
"Family first!"
"Yo, wassup this is DJ Johnny Juice"
"Johnny the Juice"
"Chillin right now with my boy Illus"
"Much as I have spent time in the studio"
"Travel around the globe" ("what")
"I make sure I spend quality time with my family"
"Family first!"

Welcome to the world little man, take daddy's hand
I'm here for you to help you understand
You a gift of life, wide eyes so bright
Delight that shines like a star
Conceived in love, believe you are
a new branch out of a tree so tall
Roots so deep, we can never ever fall
Together stand strong, you need me, call
I'll be right there, you won't have to fear
Your mom and me together, we're right here
Never question the love we have for you
Never underestimate what we would do
To protect you, trust that we would never
neglect you or let you get lost
No matter the cost, we'll provide for you 
Sacrifice my life and die for you
Guide you through the love and the pain
Provide shelter through the cold and the rain
Inspire you to be all you can be
To reach for the stars and teach you to think
With love in heart and an open mind
To be free to follow your destiny and time
And grow from a boy to a man
Still I'll never be too far to hold your hand
Stand by your side through thick and thin
Family first 'til the very end
Stand by your side through thick and thin
Family first 'til the very end
Family first 'til the very end
Family first 'til the very end
Family first 'til the very end
Family first 'til the very end

(I love you)