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Artist: Illus f/ Ill Bill
Album:  Family First
Song:   Family First
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Ill Bill, Illus!
DJ Johnny Juice, Family First, c'mon!

[Ill Bill]
Yo, yo..
I remember my best friends were a 40 and a knife
Times changed, now my best friends are my daughter and my wife
That's hilarious, I'm supposed to be the cult leader
Terminator from the future, plus a drug dealer
Yeah I done it all, plus I learn from every mistake
As long as I elevate, I'ma be mentally great
At one time, the most important thing was rhymin at the jam
But nowadays, first priorities provided for my fam
Fortunately, I made the two one in the same
To make bread and do what I love's an incredible thing
It's like a blessing from the Most High
Unexplainable and you don't need to know why
Game sold not told, certain details I hust' to conceal
My banks says, when the pieces of the puzzle'll reveal
This is +Feel Good Music+ homie, real good music
Blast it in the hood when you listenin to it, yeah!

[Chorus: Illus]
For my family, my heart and soul
Youth to the old, let the truth be told
that goes deeper than blood, it's a spiritual bond
No man could break boy, no matter how strong
LOVE! - I give you my all
LIFE! - Every breath is for you
FAMILY! - I'm yours forever
Family first is why we're tougher than leather

I remember I used to wild out, flirtin with death
Now I live for my child's first breath, I feel blessed
Never guess I'll be a father with a beautiful wife
So much darkness in my heart, but she showed me the light
And pull me down the right path with my family forever
Never let anything get in the way, you better never
step to us or regret it, my instinct's to kill
If you threaten what I love, best believe I get ill
But I rather build a future filled with laughter and love
Provide opportunities for my young son
It goes deeper than blood, it's a spiritual bond
And I promise to give my heart to both you and your mom
Throughout space and time, I rhyme for you
Everything that I create, you influence with your TRUTH
And it's a beautiful life despite the struggles and trials
That's why I write this for my family and the beautiful smiles


{DJ Johnny Juice cuts and scratches}
"Family first"