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Artist: Illus 
Album:  Family First
Song:   Eyes of a Child
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I sit and reflect, I know friends
Brothers from other mothers locked in the pen
Some deceased, rest in power and peace
Some addicted to the beast, weak crushed in defeat
Others teach and uplift with a gift of giving
Some embrace living, winning with family
Carry on dreams through youth and children
Some are content, some still reach for the stars
I got family I ain't talked to in years and scars run deep
Time slips and we regret time passed
When we dig graves, cryin, remembering we used to laugh
The legacy of grandparents and stories told
Thinkin we never get old, now we got our own grandkids to hold
Memories of uncles and aunties
Holidays and cousins, the bloodline of family
Some we're proud of, others feel shame
Some are taken by disease, others consumed by pain
The connection of souls through blood and love
Common bonds forever touched
I wonder where it begins and ends
A giving tree of life, through the darkness and light
Friends become family, while blood can be an enemy
Love can be a blessing and drives some to insanity
Sometimes it's just enough to smile
And remember we're all connected through the eyes of a child
I don't need THINGS, all I need is your love
Family first, I'm yours forever, we're all one