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Artist: Ill Bill & DJ Muggs f/ B-Real, Vinnie Paz
Album:  Kill Devil Hills
Song:   Kill Devil Hills
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Ill Bill]
Apocalypse, the angel of death, the octopus
The two-headed eagle, 33rd degree Hebrew
I speaks Mossad, Hamas, and the Hezbollah
And the CIA funded Guatemala terror squads
The Pentagon's the TV producer, the war's the product
And the media's the salesperson hustlin consumers
Global instability, terror networks, embassy bombings
A thousand ways to get the century poppin
When mobs of people storm the neighborhood banks
Riots in Time Square paralyzed by suicide bombings and tanks
Confined to evil, rides are regal
Emperors are ripped from their thrones by the people and then shot in their cerebral
One got away, created an empire made of fire
Now he cryin that the CIA made him wear a wire
Now he gettin waterboarded up with some pliers
Pullin out his fingernails every time he tell a lie

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Pyramids of Mars a/k/a Kill Devil Hills
Existence of God, Jihad, kill devil kill
Criminal official, walk through with limited edition pistols
The symbolism twist you when the clips hit you

So many notches in my belt of the victims I have accumulated
I got a vision, the light in my head illuminated
Your mind's scattered and broken and battered
So what does it matter that a rat-ass bastard fell down Jacob's Ladder?
I climbed the pyramid and punch him in the eyeball
Give him a black eye, take a picture with my iPhone
Now his eye swolled, rippin on my sidearm
They don't like me I'm ghetto, I spit and get my high on
Tell the truth a lot, been in this booth a lot
Keeping it raw whether I'm in a bad mood or not
Open your mind with the venomous rhyme of rare skill
Lines born in a cipher, you asked for a square deal
You see me grinnin, your head is spinnin, the symbolism
is just like prison, I'm tryin to free you from your condition
I got a suspicion you bitches are wishin me gone
I'm hittin the chron, a kiss on the cheek and it's gone


[Vinnie Paz]
I'm a Freemason, I'm a Rosicrucian, I'm a Shriner
Moorish Science Temple of America's Osama
Issam al haq te al makte{?} is the father
United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors rhymer
It's wild hard tryin to stay on my deen
I'm a bomb, I'm aram, son of Shem and Fateem
Kill devil, Kill Devil Hill metal regime
I'm a rebel still, me and Bill devilish team
I'm a force to be reckoned with, I'm the deer hunter
The dirtbag to the underage beer runner
I like cold and snow, never revere summer
If God is a woman then I never hear from her
I'll chop a tree with my hands, it appears lumber
I'm the definition of lightning, you fear thunder
I'm taking everything motherfucker so fear hunger
You have a soft heartbeat, fuckin queer drummer