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Artist: Ill Bill & DJ Muggs f/ B-Real
Album:  Kill Devil Hills
Song:   Amputated Saint
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*samples of M.O.P.'s "Ante Up" heard*}

[Ill Bill]
I'm like a Viking in a submarine, I'm a Spartan with guns and beams
Muggs and me is like givin hard drugs to fiends
I be the cause of this prison riot, spawn of the Israelites
Torture you with kitchen knifes, caught you in a pistol fight
I saw prophets tore from the fist of Christ
Propaganda brainwashes us to make us think their system's right
I stick my finger in the dyke, plug the leak
while she sucked her teeth, look into the light, such is life

So when I hold the mic frighting day and night, might catch a case
See you in my sights, let my heater make you change your face
Make you change your ways, wishin you could change your days
The venom we spit cut your throat like a razor blade
They got hell to pay, me I got hell to raise
Looked Death in the eye, he said you get a stellar gaze
He went on his way but he got stuck in the maze
Without any way to get out of this purple haze

[Chorus 2X: Ill Bill]
Evacuate the place, fallen angel, amputated saint
Trapped on a cannibal planet of hate, gang-related is they faith
Activate the tape, calculate the weight
Single-handed with the cannon in they face

[Ill Bill - repeat 2X]
Abandon all hope, buy more weapons and more coke
Build yourself a bunker under your house, it's all over
But before the CIA come to take us away
Light up some O.G. kush and take us out in a blaze

[Ill Bill]
I ate some brownies last week and I've been high for days
Shoulda known B-Real was the guy with the tray
Cheech & Chong spliff, twist up an entire eighth
It won't freeze your nose, the shit'll set fire to your face

We get higher in the place, still my eyes are clean
I'm the man in all black with the hashisheen
So many, bags of green, candy cars that lean
Got a crew so thick man we causin a scene
You tried to hit it the very moment I lit it
You shitted your pants, coughin out your lungs, bitch quit it
We got the greenery and the heavy machinery
And life don't mean a thing to me, BITCH, enjoy the scenery~!