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Artist: Homeboy Sandman
Album:  First of a Living Breed
Song:   Sputnik
Typed by: artist/label (taken from digital booklet)

All I hear is honking horns
Behold a pale horse galloping on a honkey's lawn
Behold a pale corpse jacking off to zombie porn
Beneath a air force trained on playing Donkey Kong
Somebody granddaughter ain't like her own tetas
Saved up ten grand, now she like the Grand Tetons
Her and her parents worse rivals than the Yankees/Sox
Really love johnson, even was a fan of Keyshawn
Winston Churchill said, "Carry on, keep calm"
But R. Kelly got room keys, I mean keycards
Pimps that rock bright colored gear are called peacocks
Hooker's johns are nothing like Jean-Luc Picard
Going someplace mad people have been before
Dingbats even wind up in the bing because
Promised not to sing the chorus if it pleased the court
You could tell it was a croc, 'cause he rocked Lacoste

Knicks'ed down, listening to ODB
But for the mix down, this is what a OD be
I'm like the dude in commercials for Dos Equis
Or Duran Duran, or Durant from OKC
When I meet some girlies they will not say peace
'Cause they seen me earlier on OKP
I might give in if she got some okay cheeks
Even moreso if she got so okay chi
Lotta cats get married when they both gon' cheat
I am not sure what they think that they gon' achieve
It's like two potheads thinking that they both gon' chief
Once they got there, ain't nobody brought no trees
Or a sad dog whose owner ain't brought no treats
I'm the big dog, I ain't gotta show no teeth
I see hardrocks so afraid to play low key
All their art screams pussy like Georgia O'Keefe's
Stop it

Pocket fulla copper
Copper helicopters
Cat divine in concert 
Can't divide and conquer
On it, fly on caca
Sung la cucaracha
I dance the gun kata
I done a bit of bikram 
I'm big on vinyasa
I'm big in Kinshasa
Posers move over
My pops was Mufasa
To check on que pass
Connect at Queens Plaza
Mi casa, su casa
Or get here by the Goethals
But watch out for the potholes 
Hear the cono carajos
Let out by the apostles
The world's oldest profession
Transpired inside the brothels
The proof is in the fossils
The troops is in the foxholes eyeing the Gestapo
I step up to the plate like Placido Polanco
Ace is Ali Baba 
Racist Johnny Bravo
Wristes might be Rocky
Heart could still be Drago