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Artist: Homeboy Sandman
Album:  First of a Living Breed
Song:   Rain
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Change the world
Change the world
Change the world

[ VERSE 1: Homeboy Sandman ]
What's up with all these blonde sistas?
I pay my regards to only God's whispers
Because of that I'm calm playing cards with boa constrictors
I come from a star in the wrong system
The victors are all victims
Afflictions grow strong tryna solve symptoms
The head of the class, walk the path of the last pharaohs
And carry the flag for the past, but the path narrows
The titans that clashed in the slums while they cast arrows
Were turned into giants by the sun as it cast shadows
I gathered my scars in the same battles
I swam in the same channels
With rather-be-slain-than-enslaved mammals
For some all the world is a stage with a stage manager
Others the world is a cage, hear the cage rattle
Complaining is played as a babe's rattle
I step to the plate like I'm Babe or Mantle
The babe that became adult
Want every platoon on the hunt, without a plaid flannel
Whatever buffoon wanna front getting manhandled

[ CHORUS: Homeboy Sandman ]
The rain isn't stuck on the way that it drops
The rain isn't stuck on the way that it drops
The rain isn't stuck on the way that it drops
The rain isn't stuck on the way that it drops
The waves gonna welcome the rain
The waves gonna welcome the rain
The waves gonna welcome the rain
The waves gonna welcome the rain

[ VERSE 2: Homeboy Sandman ]
A girl with a fat booty that hardly could act in a wack movie
That hardly could rap tryna rap to me
That hardly could scratch tryna mix records 
That hardly had tracks, maybe six records
They ain't eighty-six 'cause she looked sick naked
She pouting her lips every six seconds
Promoters appraise like they playing checkers
For who gonna take seconds
As sorcerers wait till they waive censors
We waiting to wave scepters
And showing our fangs, who's afraid of specters?
The colors I wave wouldn't stay in spectrums
We ain't even pay attention
We shoulder the weight, it ain't worth paying mention
Don't run with a dame 'cause a dame's fetching
We run with a dame 'cause her profession is playing her position
Not talking about hoes or staying home in the kitchen
I'm talking about queens, homie, those different
They roll for the whole mission
My Mrs. ain't submissive
A leader, I don't need her to do my dishes, I need her to do my stitches

[ CHORUS: Homeboy Sandman ]

[ VERSE 3: Homeboy Sandman ]
Don't ask me why my garb regal 
Defiers of odds seen as odd people
They swarm on the swans, ducklings, the seagulls on bald eagles
Nobody'd have thought I would thwart evil
I weathered the storm fetal
My collar deformed, I was born feeble
I made a decision while I's sitting in the incubator
To never cave in or hesitate to show 'em what I'm made of
Any plan that was B or C or greater, I'll see ya later
And lately graduated from alpha male to alpha omega
Neighbors I'll tell you how to spot a traitor 
They answer to ultimatums
They famous for finding something to be afraid of
They buckle, corrupting for a buck instead of honest labor
Any buck that needs claiming they pass it like a hot potato 
That type of success is all accountable to sexual favors
They've tasted from strawberry to cherry, all the condom flavors
From Lifestyles to Trojan, play Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous
For 'em, Lord, it's like playing a foreign language