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Artist: Homeboy Sandman
Album:  First of a Living Breed
Song:   Mine All Mine
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[ VERSE 1: Homeboy Sandman ]
My lids heavy
My lid's corduroy 
Size large in my sock drawer, dogs like yetti
My roots underground like veggies
My sound crack crowns from the soundbyte, sound type edgy
'neath it's boxers so my dick can breathe
On bike seats won't wedgie
On my TV it's Heathcliff and Claire
For skincare I still use Keri
Horn, born way before Blackberries
My skin like bark
My bark mad lower than my bite
My hair'd depart
Rocked parts early parts of my life
My throat parched
Handle bars favorite parts of my bike
'Cause it matches my grind
My mindstate's mind over matter
My mind pays matters no mind
My mama taught manners
My plans just matters of time

Mmm-mmmm mmm mmm

[ VERSE 2: Homeboy Sandman ]
My 6th sense keen
My scenes the existence squeezed between the heard and seen
My urban streets got rivers and streams
My insurance is WebMD
My cup runneth over, my tank runneth on empty
My man pointed out even though there's no "I" in "team" there's a "M" and "E"
My clique ride deep 
My crib 5D
My kicks and my tops endorsed
My bop like a pedulum, back and forth
The law in my city done got it in for us
The laws in my city are not enforced
My 2 cents 'fore I'm sent for
My lieutenants don't tense up in the fort

Mmmmmmm mmm mmm

[ VERSE 3: Homeboy Sandman ]
My lips don't flap
My flames ain't fake
Ain't no implants or nip-tucked fat
My idea of success isn't bucks stacked
My right hand's on my nut sack
My left hand's on my nut sack, fuck that
My seatbelt fastened
My bucket pass at a buck flat
My bucket list items all scratched 
My limited vinyl's all snatched
My vinyl's all scratched 
My knot's in my sock since I got more
Ben Franklins, my bank is my sock drawer
My top 5's me and my top 4
My bumper stickers explain what exactly I stop for
My tears, sweat tears
Out my eyes, cuts, pores
In this rhyme which is mine, all mine not yours

Mmmmmmm mmm mmm