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Artist: Homeboy Sandman
Album:  First of a Living Breed
Song:   First of a Living Breed
Typed by: artist/label (taken from digital booklet)

Long as I make hits, can't miss me
I exist where the blacks is, can't blacklist me
Come try me
I'm too boss, can't hire me
I'm free, can't buy me
Ya'll blow me
I found my own way, ya'll ain't show me
You cats don't know me
Try to ignore me
I grow in numbers on the ave normally
I move abnormally
Spread rumors, but this cat lands on feet
Cats on feet, see? Pumas
Be gone
You can't throw me off, you ain't put me on
Put simply
Ya'll ain't wanna play me, so how you gon' sit me? 
How you gon' silence?
See I'm my own stylist, so how you gon' strip me?

I represent the first of a breed
Can't hurt me
This is heaven to me

The Matrix can't hold me 'cause I'm my own agent
It's all fair
Can't knock me off of cloud 9, ain't put me on air
So now I'm famous
But I ain't here to party, ya'll ain't give me no favors
I made A-list, but drove my own spaceship
Kept my nose nowhere near Ur-anus
People told me I should not burn bridges before
But why I need a bridge someplace I ain't trying to go?
I's a new emcee, you ain't help me spreading the news
Now you need me, more than I need you
I do not need you
Fool of you to assume you could swoop in and just soup me up, I'm not miso
But I'd be smooth like peep where I'll be soon

I represent the first of a breed 
Can't hurt me
This is heaven to me

Now if you don't play me no one's gonna listen to you
You don't write about me they gon' know you outta the loop
Don't credit my incredible ability
And all you gon' manage is to damage your credibility
I move with patience and humility
Ignored by networks, put in my legwork like millipede
Still rocking sweatpants and a Dilla tee
But now I'm like the military
I'm still a man of little means
But I don't know what little means
I wasn't little in the little league, literally
I don't know what being little means
so you can not belittle me
See I ain't need a middle man
To get the cynics to consider me
Not the kid that cracks or acts jittery
So how ya'll pulling this or that, riddle me?
Ya'll never gon' get rid of me

I represent the first of a breed
Can't hurt me
This is heaven to me