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Artist: House Gang Animalz
Album:  Undadogz Vol. 1
Song:   Run Nigga
Typed By: Tha Masta

[Intro: P.C.]
Yeah, yeah, House Gang in here, House Gang here
You know, House Gang here, House Gang here

[Chorus 2X: P.C.]
You betta, run nigga when I'm grippin' the pound
You betta, duck nigga, start hittin' the ground
Real niggas don't talk, we'll lay you down
This ain't a game, we ain't playin around, listen

[Donnie Cash]
Donnie a animal, and I don't give a shit if you mad
Here's a gem, where's your pen nigga, get at your pad
You got your limbs, you should sit and be glad
Cause I could send a lot of men up in if every little kid in your pad
You think I'm kiddin', put the shit in the bag
Or put your lips in the mag
And kiss the tip while the shit is on blast
Life's a bitch but I'm feelin' the ass, I'm tryin' to feel on her ass
Rub on her tits, put my dick in the abs
Couple flips and I'm killin' the Ave.
I've done had a couple whips out this bitch, but I'm feelin' the Jag'
It had gotta be the ice in my chain, that got 'em icin' my chain
And watchin' my watch, thinkin' 'bout icin' my frame
I'm poppin' they top, more range snipin' they brain
They oxygen stop, Donnie get right with his aim
And even for the pettiest cake, I eat your food
Put your head on the plate, squeeze the two with the lead in your face

[Chorus 2X]

[Carlton Fisk]
You thought I gripped the pump
The way the song blast through your speaker makes your system jump
Loose Linx we ridin' what, Homicide Housing
Late for a nigga, iodine in the cut
Pure animal, muzzle your mutt, it's money to touch
House Gang bangin', now who's fuckin' with us?
Nothing's enough, pound the eagle
If you talk like a bird, I'mma feed you shells, bleed you
My House Gang come in a huddle, scream defense
And cut you, all my animals itchin' to touch you
Little niggas fittin' to rush you, and we House Gang
The type that do hits, rob and hustle
And we break bread, them and the feds, Y. Million dead
Shabaam's snitch ass, cut off his dreads
Look we got hit, survived the nigga that hit 'em die
Front in his momma's eyes, now she hollerin' 'why'
This is my life, I roll with dice, banks stockers hate
When I come trips, seize your c-lo twice
You don't like me, but your bitch think G.C. nice
You need no life, freeze when I see your ice

[Chorus 2X]

Yo, ya'll niggas ain't blastin' slugs
You don't live what you talk, you ain't half the thug
Ya'll know P.C., I'll blast a thug
Get them body bags, Deck, let's wrap him up
And I don't think, he wanna be the first to get it
Head shots all day, I'll reverse your fitted
These streets, I got work put in 'em
When I break niggas down, it take more then a nurse to fix 'em
Got a mean team, Ice Water, call us a dream team
Still on a street corner keepin' the fiends pleased
D.T. scheme while I'm chasin' my cheese
But you know me, I breeze when they tell me to freeze
From a live block, my block, it's one of them hot blocks
Hustle all day, I ain't punchin' the time clock
You on the wall, I ain't comin' for dolo
Rebel I.N.S., back me up, dumpin' the fo' fo'

[Chorus 2X]