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Artist: Hopsin
Album:  Promo (S)
Song:   Promo
Typed by: OHHLA

Yo, you can defy me I'm rude with the rhyme schemes
Soon as the time reach I'ma stew up the fine beef
I'm truth of a mind freak, ruthless revive me
Whatever level you fools at I'm quadruple it times three
Your movement was nicely put together 'til I got discovered
Thank the god of brothers for giving life to obnoxious suckers
My thoughts are fucked up corrupted from never being signed
Seven years of spittin and somehow I never seemed to shine
But now I got my deal plus I got my pockets filled
I bought a box of skills and beyond me that usually I conceal
But now it's mandatory, Hops white eyes is niggaz can't ignore me 
Een though they think this man is corny
Think what you wanna I'm thankful that I'ma great preformer
If you hatin more then I'm makin sure that your face is torn up
So grab your mic and warm up, then feed me more fuel
Then eat your heart out aww fuck it I'll eat it for you