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Artist: Hopsin
Album:  Raw
Song:   Sag My Pants
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I erupt like a bomb, so give up the baton
I'll slap you after bustin a fuckin nut in my palm
Why you muggin me like somethin was wrong?
Just take a puff of the bong
And let me leave your mind corrupt from the song
See you can't stop me, cause I'ma brainwash teens
And create false dreams cause it pays? off clean
I'm just an idiotic, ironic, symbolic, Illuminati product
That's gonna be killed if I talk about it (shhh)
This industry business is all screwed up
I have no favorite rappers because all you suck!
I sever the weakest niggaz who not on my pedigree
Cuz on a tombstone is as hard as their name will ever be
I'm judged by my wild image a lot
And everybody seems to think I have a sinister plot
I do! Be offended by every sentence I jot
I got some militant thoughts, and you ain't killin 'em off!
So listen

I sag my pants until my ass shows
I even slap hoes (Bitch)
Yeah, I'm an asshole
Yeah, yeah
And your parents hate me 'cuz I love you (So?)
Tell 'em I said "Fuck you!"
Yeah I said "Fuck You!"
Yeah, yeah

I snuck in Drake's house when he was alone inside
You can say I have a bogus mind
I dimmed the lights down and closed the blinds
Around his neck is where my rope was tied
I yanked on it 'till it broke his spine (Yeah!)
Lately I been fuckin pissed off (Why?)
'Cuz everybody sayin Lil Wayne spits raw
I'll start a big brawl, and slam his ass into a brick wall
And have a fat nigga sit on him, Rick Ross (Boss!)
I don't play with this rap shit
I got no life, I stay in the attic
Fuck a rap career, I'm waitin to smash it
Soulja Boy you? got a corny flow
So you can suck my fuckin dick through a glory hole
I'm just bein me, what you tryna hate for?
All you niggaz is faker than Lupe Fiasco claimin he skateboards
Yeah right, that nigga can't even ollie
Push him away on the dolly, not even Satan can stop me!


I'm probably the sickest motherfucker who don't get recognized
Eazy-E's wife's life somewhere now jeopardized
She signed me and I was set aside
For like 3 and a half years, I don't think I remember why
I'm fuckin dope and this is my reward?
That's wacker than the 500 dollars you signed me for!
Eazy's dead now, yeah the label's finally yours
Too bad he never knew that you were just a grimy whore!
You can't maintain what Eric built
I know he's in his grave turnin like a ferris wheel
Don't think you cool just cause you inherit mills
Bitch bare of skills
I'm Hopsin, I spit shit so unfair and real
I got some deep, dark issues within
All because you lied and tried to pretend you a friend
Fuck Ruthless! Bitch, I'll never lend you a hand!
And I'ma make sure nobody ever sign with you again!
You know why?