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Artist: Hopsin
Album:  Raw
Song:   Kill Her
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Tell em all what I came to do- (KILL)
One word that explains the truth- (REAL)
Ban out till your brain is loose
All your little fun filled days are through
Remember that I'm like this thanks to you

First of I'm a little psycho, I know
Dumb like a mentally retarded kid
I ain't got no friends, no ends to my stress
So I chill in the dark and shit
With a rifle and bomb, knife in my palm
Thinkin about the motherfuckin lives I'ma harm
Swin at me then I'm slicin your arm
Then make you videotape me pipin your mom
Ruthless! Deceitful lies, listen up, you don't want beef to rise
I really wanna murder (Tomica Wright)
I'm thinkin of takin her out for a pizza slice
Then tie her ass up and then beat the life
Out her god damn skull till she bleeds and cries
The whole fuckin time she was screamin "Why?"
Fuck you bitch, don't be surprised!
Time after time you told me that my album would drop
It was all bullshit, then the day that it finally did
Bitch how come it flopped?
It's Ruthless baby for sho'
I'm tryna make me some dough
Get off your ass and make a motherfuckin marketin plan
And then maybe I'll blow
But NO! You wanna be a little bitch about it
Thought that I would never do shit about it
You made a contract with a twist around it
So I could never, ever, ever get up out it
No outlet so I'm pissed about it
I'd be really dumb if I just allowed it
Watch your back, you might get surrounded!
Bang, bang, ban you hit the ground!
... Then


Yea brother you got to feel it just like a killer, killer! {*3X*}
Kill her, kill her! {*2X*}

Listen up, don't you ever hate me
Cause I'm a blow up like a bomb when I'm detonated
See, you be trippin like a nigga
That's walkin with his shoes untied
Best believe I'ma set it straight
Tie a rope around both of your legs, then hook 'em to 2 cars
And drive till they separate
Now your soul's in the sky, try to levitate
Bitch you gon live life in a better place
You done fucked me once, you done fucked me TWICE
Havin me beggin to drop must be NICE
Look at Eazy-E's lovely WIFE
Maybe the reason is my ugly EYES
I be the illest when I crush these MICS
But it never occurred that I must be WHITE
You're the reason I say "fuck my LIFE"
I hate you bitch, it's a must we FIGHT!
Everybody keep on runnin around and asking
What do [Tomica] be doin with her time
I don't really know though
I just keep a low-pro, cause I'm mad with the contract I signed
I was so happy at first, then it turned to a curse
How'd it happen to me?
That's the question
I could not get the answer
So now I'm buildin a casket for [Tomica] to rest in
Bitch you ain't nothin but a big phony
Lyin to niggaz, sayin you signed with Sony, bitch
None of the staff up there knows me
How come my rap career's movin so slowly, bitch?
Now I got big enough buzz to destroy you and Ruthless
You can't hold me, bitch
I'ma fuck around and put some steal toes on
And kick your ass in the ovaries, bitch!

[Bridge] + {Chorus]