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Artist: Hopsin
Album:  Raw
Song:   I'm Not Introducing You
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

A lot of you females got me twisted
You assume just because I'm a rapper
you can approach me in a hoeish way and get somethin out of it
Shit, you'd be lucky if you walk away with an autograph... bitch
You better come correct

I'm a beam just like the shinin sun
But I'd be a fool if I say you're the one
And I'd be the water that's rainin down on the land
But I won't be your man
You see I got other plans
You know what you know what
I'm not introducing you to momma {*4X*}

Man it's so hard to find a girl who's close to havin a mind state like me
A lot of you drink and smoke, suck a lot of dick on the low and probably got HIV
Don't get mad when you get played by me I'ma keep it real til the day I D-I-E
And for you girls who be up in the club innocent age with a fake ID
Listen, I don't give a fuck what you believe most guys don't want you to see
That they just wanna get your ass under the sheets
Fuck you then leave I don't what bumped you to be
So stupid now you're cryin your eyes out he's long gone and you're tryin to find out
But I'm tellin you why so don't cry baby girl now
It's time for you to be back on the right route
Back to me, actually, I got a lot of girls throwin they ass to me
I throw it right back at 'em so happily can't believe that they have the audacity
To even do that shit, like I'm that guy
Bitch come down cause you're not that fly
Kiss the first night, it's not that time
No hoes hoppin inside my ride


Every girl I meet, always talkin bout
"I don't even wanna know Hopsin, eww
Yeah, he got some skills but every time he put them eyes in
it look like he popped some pills
I just wanna know Marcus
He's a sweet little innocent boy, oh God
I'd date him with no prob
And if he wanted to I'll let him beat the pussy with no condom"
Bitch, whats your problem
You expect me to be optim
Mistic, With the mischief you bring you senseless bitch you out of
Your mind I know you like the fact I'm so bad when I spit up on the track
Black and I rap with a little bit of swag and happen to have a little money in the back
What the fuck do you got that'll impress me so I can feel half of the magic?
A loose vaginal passage, uh uh bitch put that back in the package
I feel so sick and lonely, I want a real girl that will get to know me
No charcoal breath who be hittin a stogy and not one that'll say shit to blow me


I like nature, ah you too? Wow, we got so much in common boo
Don't be assumin that I'm goin to love you cause if you do
I'll cut you out of my life I promise you
I'm down to earth and I'm an honest dude
You barley be givin me any homage dues
I would infinitely regret it and probably get a headache
if I was stupid and got with you
How many guys have you let bone you? (Uhhh?)
Let me guess, you don't have no clue huh?
Could of been 5, could have been 10
could have been a million niggaz that hopped on you huh?
I ain't tryin to be another one on the list
that'll make me a true son of a bitch
Yup I know how you work, you ain't nothin but a flirt
baby girl that's one of the risks
Best believe that I'ma pass on that
ain't got time for no asshole acts
You say you a good girl that's no fact
can't roll smooth cause your axles cracked
You can't find a good man that's so sad
I think its because you act so wack
So don't be tryin to blame the world for your nonsense bitch
I'll fuck around and smack yo' ass


Baby, maybe we can meet up tomorrow and we can give it one more try
But in the meantime I'ma have to say goodbye baby cause right now you're not my type
Now listen, I'm not introducin you to momma {*4X*}