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Artist: Hopsin
Album:  Knock Madness
Song:   The Fiends Are Knocking
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The fiends are knocking at my door
Should I give them what they're asking for?
They want it (want it), need it (need it), have it (have it)
Woah (woah) woah, yeah, yeah, yeah - Knock Madness!
So what the fuck y'all need from me?
I'm here to make these fiends believe
They want it (want it), need it (need it), have it (have it)
Woah (woah) woah, yeah, yeah, yeah - Knock Madness!

[Verse 1 - Hopsin]
I promised you niggas an album, you been patiently waiting
Now the day is finally present
I took my time with this shit, I put my mind into every line
'Cause when it's out I ain't tryin' to regret it
Niggas get overhyped and all they hits go stale, 
Because they shit don't sell, now that's a big ol' fail
But the punch is a lot harder when you clip yo' nails
Niggas, how you expect to drive when you ain't get yo' L's?
You were the next big thing while I was last
You was poppin' tags, while I was mad
Chillin' in my pad wit' my rhyming pad
Tryin' to record wit' no door
So I hear my mom and dad arguin' upstairs 
So I gotta wait until the drama passed
'Cause my mic be pickin' that shit up, but I ain't one to give up
I exhale fast even if I did suck
You want the Madness? Then come and get some
I'm takin' the cake, and all that's left for y'all is the pieces I bit from
See I ain't buddy-buddy with rappers because that shit is fake
Most of y'all morals is fucked up - you on a different page
You get no props just because you're getting paid
If you're garbage - we ain't doin' business, point blank, I discriminate
And I don't do no bullshit collabs to get my name poppin'
I ain't even considered the safe option
The ad just say "Hopsin", I paid homage now I'm straight whilin'
Now turn this shit up while the bass knockin'
Now c'mon


[Verse 2 - Hopsin]
And I been gettin' comments like:
"Hop, what's the hold up wit' yo' new shit, man, you be takin' forever, son"
"Yo, I'm gonna stop waitin', I'm gettin' my hopes up
wit' yo' work ethic it ain't gonn' never come"
"You had the XXL cover in 2012, and I thought you'd soon prevail
but homie, you ain't doin' well
"You hit us with that "Ill Minds" shit, and that was cool as hell
"But when it comes to your album, you never got no news to tell"
"Your whole career is just a trainwreck
you toured around the world for 3 years and you always performed the same set"
"I been askin' you to come to my city, but you ain't came yet
"I guess you ain't in it for love, you just want that paycheck"
"If I was you I wouldn't be too proud
"You signed Dizzy not too long ago and he's bigger than you now"
"You said you savin' hip-hop - well save this shit!
"All I hear is wack niggas - and I hate this shit!"
"Homie, I stopped being a scrub because of you!
"I stopped playing these bitches in the club and fell in love because of you!
"My dad heard your song and he stopped doin' drugs because of you!
"I learned to rap and even built a little buzz because of you!
"But you take it for granted thinkin' you have it made, sittin' back in the shade
"Hopsin, there's people that you have to save! This is beyond music
"You speak life into these motherfuckers, Hop, you have a gift so when you gonn' use it?"
...Damn, I have that much of an impact? My rhymes did that?
Sometimes I really feel my shit's wack
That's why I kick back, but fuck this shit, yo, where's my pen at?
I'm 'bout to to kill this shit and make niggas just wanna quit rap
I'm causin' havoc, lay into rappers like a hammock
If I want the fuckin' planet I can have it - now try to snatch it
Only God can stop my violent habits, you niggas average
I ain't even in my prime, but still I'm twice the savage