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Artist: Hopsin
Album:  Gazing at the Moonlight
Song:   Motherfucker
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Dad how come nobody likes me?
Cause you're a motherfucker
Now am I really? yeah yeah
Now am I really? yeah yeah
Yo now am I really? yeah yeah
Cause you're a motherfucker
Sing my song like, woah woah
Yo sing my song like, woah woah
Come on sing my song like, woah woah

Yo I'm Hop, sin of my family getting from daddy
When sippin some alchohol, when he flips on my mommy
I'm just assuming that, I'ma stupid ass who gets a boom from rap
Fuck getting a regular job (shit I'm to cool for that)
I hope I'm gambling right, with all this rap shit
Cause if I failed then I just wasted half of my life
And I'm a dropout so that just means I have to shoot dice
Up on the corner with they mind on I'ma stab you tonight
I'm the type of guy who gives a fuck about my ass only
Get my shit straight then bypass homies
Always talkin 'bout buy that for me
Nigga buy your own shit life is so sick why?

Cause you're a motherfucker
How come I always gotta be the one to stand out
Up in the damn crowd, and opening up my damn mouth?
How come nobody takes me serious wherever I go? I gotta know
Cause you're a motherfucker
How come I gotta be the one that everybody hated
Be the one that all the girls moms saying not to date?
How come this shit is always happening to me
And I'm just being me
Cause you're a motherfucker

Teachers say I need to act my age
Bitch fuck you I'll smack your face
Until you have no taste buds to taste with
I can't budge so face it
I'm raw straight from the basement
My style stay ugly most niggaz can't touch me
I dedicated my life to this shit faithfully
I act the way I wanna rap, and rap the way I wanna act
And most of you niggaz just don't do none of that
I'm setting up a trap for these niggaz to stumble over
Who thinkin' they up, went over these niggaz ain't fucking sober
They not in they mind, and my style bogles the mind
The hottest with rhymes you not cause you not in your prime
I hopped in your ride, and rapid took off into the night
Cause I have realized that none of you artist are tight
I'm making it mine I'm sharp like the carve of the knife
Why you mad at me?


Like a nigga who fucks his mom, my flows much the bomb
Who wanna fuck with Hop baby
Not nobody that you would know, or no one I would know
Or noone we would know baby
I don't fit into big crowds cause I'm an innocent child
Can't understand what this shit is about
I'm always the one who getting cut off, and trying to speak
At any fucking day, or time of the week, so I decided to be
A fucking asshole, retarded bastard
Why become something that I hardly mastered, it's all a disaster
But I'm gonna make it all go right
And I'm finna become that one again that y'all don't like
Cause all those times y'all dissed me, laughed at me just to make your ass happy
I'm passed Stacy conceited mack daddy, is what I'm fin' to become
It'll be funny so take a seat, and relax, and sip some more Hennessy son
I'm a snap about faction cause I give a fuck about nothin
I'll give a fuck about giving a fuck about somethin
But still nobody wants to hang with me, and why's that?
Cause you're a motherfucker