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Artist: Hodgy Beats
Album:  The Dena Tape
Song:   Tapetro
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Odd Future rocks
Rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks
Droools! Lames... HypeBeast! Odd Future
Magazine mixtape clothing
OH MY GOOOOOOOD~! Tyler's gonna kill me for this

[Hodgy Beats]
I'm not lookin at you, I'm lookin past you
I get cash - niggaz call me a cashew
I leave model women stuck like statues
They wanna wipe me down cause I'm light-skinned with tattoos
Haha~! Three wishes with the genie on 'em
You hear about me, but you never see me on 'em
I don't fuck fans, you try to put your weenie on 'em
while I skateboard and beenie on 'em
"Kick, Push" 'em out the way, shit I'm rich gettin paid
Hodgy Beats beats bang harder than grenades
The +Future's+ lookin +Odd+ so you haters better beg back
Take notes so you don't forget that I said that
Hehe~! The cool nigga in the red hat
Odd Future odds usin 'til you're dead flat
Don't get confused cause I'm really speakin clear
like I'm yellin in your freakin ear - CAN YOU FREAKIN HERE?
Cause I'm freakin here
With three vanilla Dutches and a freakin beer
You freakin queers, better back off me
or wake up and, smell the bully in your mouth instead of the coffee