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Artist: Hodgy Beats
Album:  The Dena Tape
Song:   Skinny Rapper
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah (yeah)
H.B. (H.B.) Hodgy Beats (Hodgy Beats)
O.F. (O.F.) Vivrant Beats (Vivrant Beats)
Heh heh... yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Scratch, as I attack the facts
I like fat bags and fat stacks, but I'm a skinny rapper
As I attack the facts
I like fat bags and fat stacks, but I'm a skinny rapper

[Hodgy Beats]
The opposite direction is a way to commute
My obstacle bein the long trip to commute
When the teacher take a day off, who substitutes?
Kids ballin up paper in class, paper planes, super glue
Stuck as I'm sittin with a pen no pencil
Permanent utensil, explodin with the mental
Through the wire goes dental become influential
Hellbound with the music when heaven sent you
Horns with the angel wings, Devil cry while the angels sing
Adjacent must be the way that he angling
Crooked, if it fights to get away he book it
Over the stove out on the streets after he cook it
Scent, prettier then flowers, ground gritty in the showers
I take every single minute, this is my hour
I'ma show you the power
O.F., Vivrant Beats, the time is ours


[Hodgy Beats - singing]
I on my way down the yellow brick road
My conscience grows, grows, glitter it holds
When I reach my destination she seems to glitter from gold
And I lose my mind, sellin my soul
Na-na-naa she sings, la-la-laa
Over, over, she hits the notes
Take a whiff, sniff, sniff, take a sniff from the nose
Seductive - I bow down and propose
to the game, it's my other half now I'm gone


[Hodgy - ad libbing]
Na-na-naa she sings, la-la-laa
Take a whiff... sniff from the nose
Na-na-naa, she sing la-la-laa-laa
Take a whiff, sniff, from the nose