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Artist: Hodgy Beats f/ Casey Veggies
Album:  The Dena Tape
Song:   Pink Magic
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Said you wanna go? Where to?
I mean we can but
I don't know, I don't know

[Chorus: Casey Veggies]
She said she wanna go, she said she wanna leave
I said I do too baby, where you wanna be?
She said with me, wherever I go
I'm just what she need, but she know how I do
She know I write songs, but are they for her?
She know I stay down, but will it occur? (Cur?)
I don't know-ohhh
But baby I know that we can go-ohhh, ohh, yeah

[Hodgy Beats]
You picked me thinkin I was your best guy
Gave you the best slice from my best pie
I even let you shop at Best Buy
iTunes, won't you cop my song?
Leave me alone I'm in my zone
But I got this chick on the other line on my phone
Damn she's all on my dome, givin me dome
And most of them shown, unknown
cums on the call then you pick up the phone
I left my phone at home, and you copped it
picked it up, then you dropped it
Then she said "Whassup?" You said "Whassup?"
You said "What the, what the fuck?"
And I was just starin
Tryin to get home racin in my McLaren
Lookin at Aaron, starin
People don't know but you say it ain't fair and
I agree


[Hodgy Beats]
Yeah; I go to the house, you sit on the couch
Take my shit off the couch, she tried to kick me out my house
Her ring fall off, I'm pickin up the spouse
Listen to the girl, shit I'm pickin up my mouth
Jaw droppin, she dropped my jaw
Now I'm pickin up what else is in my pocket
Wallet fell out, she sat me on my ass
I'm sittin in the grass, smokin on the grass
Chillin with that ass that was yesterday; I mean we used to play
And now it's time for divorce, relationship decayed
I could spit that, break hearts like Tic Tacs
Still get back, I meant to say Kit Kat


[Casey Veggies]
Girl you know I love you, tou know you are the hood
I ain't tryin to read but it's one for the books
I'm really feelin your looks, but it's also the inside
You wanna come with me you because, you wanna win right?
I'm givin you insight cause it don't sit in right
Our love is in the dark but baby the lens like
but this bout to end like...