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Artist: Hodgy Beats
Album:  The Dena Tape
Song:   Change it Up
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Hodgy Beats]
You told me you loved me (me) but you were unsure (sure)
I told you I hated you when you closed the door (door)
The tension in yo' leg is shakin the floor (floor)
You make the situation sticky like a melted smore (smore)
I yell at you, hittin, I kiss you more (more)
No other girl (girl) did me like this before ('fore)
You wanted me? (Me?) I wanted simple (simple)
But honestly I didn't know what I was gettin into
I'ma have to

Change it up {*5X*}
I'm tired of your lies, yeah yeah
So tired, of your lies
So tired, of your lies; I'm so tired of your lies

[Hodgy Beats]
You yell at me (me?) while you're in my ear (ear)
I walk away cause it ain't the telephone I hear (naw)
It is you (you~!) Full of it (yup)
Rodeo style, bullshit!!
I hear you got another, I wanna bet he ain't a baller (baller)
Well homey I'ma let you know (know) every time I call her (call her)
She gon' pick up the phone (phone) cause my pockets stand taller (taller)
You can keep her how much? I'll make you an offer (offer)
Back to you girl (girl) how you gon' cheat?
Give me like six feet, shit's deep, get fleet
You're a child and I got the sign that says outta reach
Say goodbye to the Phantom, Phantom, glass house on the beach

[Chorus] w/ ad lib changes

[Outro - girl]
You tired of MY lies? I'm tired of YO' lies (What?!)
I've been in here takin care of you every day (man)
And you tired of my lies? I be here bein FAITHFUL to you
What you be doin out there in the streets? (What you mean?)
Where you been? (Shut the FUCK UP!) {*RAWWW*}
(I'm tired of your lies)