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Artist: Halfbreed
Album:  Serial Killaz
Song:   Serial Killaz
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[Verse 1: Sol]
Watch as the entire world turns to cannibalism
Man Vs. Halfbreed indecisive decisions
Visions of plague bodies punctured and forces no bell
What I speak of is worse than your living hell
US Marshalls force is stalkin terrorists
Dump your dead body in a ditch fuck it I'm a take the risk
Cause Sol's the Virus spittin music and its easily translated
Beats so fuckin remixed niggaz constipated
The radio with no Halfbreed this plan has lied
You collide with these rhymes and subscripts and ride
The universe like a cruel killa I attack
And all I have to do is sit back relax and watch
Cause I'm unseen take kids like Goldstein
And hit like I'm with it ding I'm out before Don King
Can shake my hand I'm no man givin stands
And screamin to the world I got problems in my head


[Verse 2: Skrapz]
I got ya bitch you hit I slice your white ones
Tied up with cables all around your throat until it strangles
And you can't breath wipin blood up with your shirt sleeve
Body steady stinkin like a blunt with dirt weed
I'm on the prowl draggin hoes by they hair down stairs
Chain the ugly asses to the wall and I'm there
Anyone of them bitches take one then I kill her
Right now I'm killin' time numbin they bodies with no feelings
I need some victims so bring your ass to the place
Dead bodies out of state cause feds investigate
My surrounding on a daily but I hide in a well
My correction on the D-L more underground than hell
Spreadin' the Virus that you killin yourself with
Serial killaz wanna test and you'll get dealt with
Bitch recognize Halfbreed's an epidemic
And we ain't stoppin we never gonna regret it


[Verse 3: Skrapz]
Strikin in odd numbers one at a time to keep it even
My first name ain't Steven and cops ain't Morgan Freeman
I leaves no evidence to anything that I committed
Nobody ever asked but no Sol did not admit it
Schizophrenic got murderous genes all in my bloodstream
Bodies intoxicating I'm feeding on my back rings
I psychotherapist will lose his mind if he heard
All the shit that I been through everything that I deserve
I'm a basket case nail me up to a cross
Put a virus in a needle and get lost
I'm telepathic murdering minds when I meet ya
Dump your carcass on the church steps for the preacher
Or I eat ya like maggots I'm a fuckin scavenger
Exterminating evidence I ain't no fuckin amateur
I'm hidden the mother fuckin unforgiven
I'm chillin where you livin and promotin all sinnin bitch


[Verse 4: Sol]
The earths atmosphere up to past a million
Suffer like a civilian fuck women and children
Cause they go first can't let em see the deadly reigns that I bring upon man
Life indy lyrics spread across the land
Bury all the bodies in the Red Sea
Flee if you dare in the darkness I still see
Leave the mind paraplegic then I freeze it
Wait till the earth's gone then release it
Lease it back so you exist in the mind
Of mental shit designed to blind don't resist
Its Futile Serial killas a style
Universal we now hold you captive so disembowel