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Artist: Hi-Tek f/ Strong Arm Steady, Xzibit
Album:  Hi-Teknology 2: The Chip
Song:   Money Don't Make U Rich
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[Intro: Xzibit]
Yeah man
It's ya boy X to the Z, Xzibit
Strong Arm Steady's the gang, knowhatI'msayin?

[Chorus: Mitchy Slick]
No talkin don't pay the rent
And sittin won't let you style like this
But money don't make you rich
But hatin won't let you smile

[Phil Da Agony]
Yeah, the Teknology is too advanced
Attach dynomite to opportunity, blow your chance
Enhance the vision, Kweli tell 'em to listen
Before I probably get a hundred niggaz to diss 'em
Yeah, and I can't wait, sit up straight
Hungry niggaz eatin your plate, compete in a race
full of rats, the homie's torso is full of tats
I'ma put the rest on my back, it's best if I, bless 'em with that
Specify the facts from the fiction
I gotta draw the line with the diction
And I ain't whistlin, Dixie; this is Hi-Teknology wit me
You couldn't find a finer designer to tailor fit me
To be, yay a nigga Tone, Cincinnati's own
Hometown favorite like the Bearcats win the zone
Strong Arm keep it runnin on like a sentence
They wouldn't know the difference when I hit 'em from a distance


[Mitchy Slick]
Clack, conventional (bullshit) nothin identical
The West has evolved and Steady's, at the pinnacle (yeah dat)
Still saggin in my crispy Dickies
But my gangsta's fly, I make sho' the wrist is extra crystal-y
Cock it on the side for the next telly is
Ghetto nigga on Lambo's mailin list
Money don't make you rich
But it's funny how it'll make a snow bunny suck your dick
I have a hater in the shrubs where you park your shit
I had a homie blowin you up when he hit the fence
To the Steady, Slick bring the gangsta shit
Like the hankerchief, once you add on the Paisley print
On the rights where I dang a lick
But since I learned red and blue make green it's Tek hits


It's the premier kids cast to build the pyramids
A '08 Escalade's in prepaid appearances
It's hard to even entertain a few, an invalid
lame in the brain can't talk or remember shit
I don't blame him - the daddy ain't around
Left him lonely in the hood without good home trainin
Frustrated, pissed cause probation
got him pissin in a cup without proper occupation
So they  get up, get out, and get it like Goodie Mob
Niggaz must be crazy thinkin we won't do the job
Dookie colored droptops sob, with the feet tall
Hi-Tek beats bump from Lynn Street to Crenshaw
Steady means stupid stand up, start elevatin
Violate and come to your final destination
Mouth{?} pacin - Pacific Ocean main land
Chasin retail, re-up in rotation

[Chorus]  2X