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Artist: Heart Foundation
Album:  King of Hearts
Song:   Leavin' Me
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: sample]
Leavin' me, it can't be
What you telling me, baby?

[Mr. Prezident]
We put time in, building this life together
You was suppose to be my wife forever
A hundred sunshines brighter, for the stormiest weather
Tell me the problem, I can fix it, I can make it more better
I love everything about you, from your whip to your pretty smile
You know I can't let you go, mami, just hear me out
I can't front, I'm in love wit you, boo
Nobody make the kid feel like you do
Reminiscing on the talks, the long walks on the beach
When I see you in the streets, my heart skip a beat
It hurt when you left, but I had to respect that
When you let love go, if it's yours, it comes back
Now we back on track, our bond is so tight
If loving you is right, I don't wanna be right
I don't wanna fuss and fight, I wanna stay the night
I wanna, sex you right to the day turn right

[Chorus 2X]

[Fes Taylor]
From the first day I met you, I thought it would last
Now everything we had, ma, is all in the past
Now I'm love sick girl, put my thoughts in the pad
And the truth is, now I'm more off than I'm sad
Cuz you took my happiness with you, you walked out the door
No one to call, so I talk to the lord
Like God please bring her back, cuz life like
The walls closing in, ya'll be feeling like the kid is trapped
Girl, you know you hold the key to my heart
So you can free me, damn it hurts so much, being apart
I won't front, I cried, tears fell from my eyes
But it's my own fault, being unfaithful, telling her lies
Mami, I wish I could take it all back
Rewind the hands of time, you probably hate me for that
But I can't change the past, but we can still make it in the present
If you let it, just forgive and forget it

[Chorus to fade]