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Artist: Heart Foundation
Album:  King of Hearts
Song:   Get Fresh
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: Fes Taylor]
New cribs, new whips, new kicks, new fits
New chicks, new chips, we get fresh
Yes, we get fresh, yes, we get fresh
Yes, we get fresh, yes, we get fresh

[Mr. Prezident]
You already know, chain with the heavy glow
If I make it rain, it'll look like when the levy's broke
Shit, let me know, I can meet every pro
Dress warm, the weather man, but dig heavy snow
Look, look I drop cash, dig it?
The auto mob bailing like an avalanche
Hit it, stay super, hundred tints of that booth
It's bulletproof, Slaughter House is like Beirut
Hey, boo, your man wack like cotoroids
He ain't a baller, he more like the waterboy
I'm on that G shit, big rims, deep dish
Mean wrist, somebody call a doctor, cuz he sick
Look your boy drop cash
You would think I have beef the way your boy pop tags
Move right or get left, or get next
All I do, is get gwop and get fresh

[Chorus 2X]

[Fes Taylor]
Fresh like my Air Nikes, Memorial Day Weekend
You know Taylor ass on the back of bikes
Myrtle Beach, I got a crib out in Georgetown
Car wit a chaffeur, they open up doors now
We fresher than Lysol, sitting on your dresser
They was thinking we might fall, folding under pressure
Nope, get with the program, watch with white gold faces
With the rose band, diamonds in my chain is the color of a coke can
Know me as a dope man, still I'm a Warrior Conan
My whole fam, both hands look like the Antarctic Ocean
I'm so focused, I turn good girls into locotions, that's running the train
You on the strip posted, then we one in the same
If I ain't got nothing to lose, still something to gain
I get fresh, Polo socks, Louis Vitton drawers
And the fiend know I'mma score, put the movie on pause

[Chorus 2X]