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Artist: Hezekiah f/ Bahamadia, Talib Kweli
Album:  Conscious Porn
Song:   Fired Up

[Intro: Hezekiah]
Yeah, uh.. look here, look here...
I got a, book of rhymes and I'm here to shine
So which one do y'all want first?
Got a line about rhymes, a line about crime
So which one do y'all want worst?

See all y'all are students, products of my influence
First I'll make it a cult, then I'll make it a movement
Lyrics so potent, you do more quoting
High point of my career and I feel so im-portant
The way I put it down is so damn beautiful
I ain't hard to find, I'm so damn Google-ble
And I'ma tell you the recipie and know I'm the chef
{*deep sniff*} And that smell, that's the smell of success
'Til they give me the loot, I keep it pretty much mute
Twenty-four syllables, I keep a hot coup
Twenty-four bars, and cars got no roof
Do my thing, see the bling, pinky ring's sky blue
Huh~! I get it bubblin from Philly to Dublin
Tokyo to the Czech Republic 
The naysayers whisper at ya man, but I'm so immature
Plus I'm harder than ever so holla at ya boy

[Chorus: Hezekiah]
(So sucio, fired up!) 
Yeah, right hand on the Quran, nigga why would I lie?
(So sucio, fired up!) 
Shiiit, I'm fired up, I'm gon' testify
I got a, book of rhymes and I'm in it to shine
So which one do y'all want first?
Got a line about... a line about...
So which one do y'all want worst?

[Talib Kweli]
Yeah, I used to have a book of rhymes, way before I started booking times 
in studios, freestyles'll sink you like a hook and line
Brooklyn kinda made me wanna write in the booth
I put my thoughts in a cigar and just light up the truth
In spite of my youth, I've know rivers of outgrown spitters
Considered a true musician, I'm sonnin these clone niggaz
Know tanning lotion won't help, mistakes of a rookie
The hair on my trees orange like Snooki
Fire it up, big dog inspired to puff
I don't call my queen "bitch", her true title's enough
Survival's a must, get you higher than Vicodin dust
After it's crushed and it's snorted, I can't even call it
Just met your end so, I can't even spoil it
See I'm throwin up signs like they huggin the toilet
Whoa~! I can no longer ignore it, pay me no mind
It cost you nothing, but you still can't afford it

[Chorus: Hezekiah, Bahamadia]
(So sucio, fired up!) 
Go, they try to, play me though, they try to blackball ya boy
(So sucio, fired up!) 
Naw, cause with or without a label, you know I'ma make noise
  I got a, book of rhymes and I'm in it to shine
  So which one do y'all want first?
  I got rhymes that break rules, or rhymes that will amuse
  So which one do y'all want worst?

Shit, since my inception in this, it's been about business
So consistent, most critics say I'm the chick to mimic
How I flip it, one of the best, to do it than whoever did it
Real rap, I'm that, ain't never not been it
Authentic like a pair of Adidas stock editions
Iron clear recognitions, zero tolerance for gimmicks
Be in the booth or onstage cause I'm gifted
B-Girl spiritist, soloist not a sidekick
I script, err' single thing I spit
Rhyme sick, somebody need to throw it in the hospice
Cold like pnemonia wit it, the poem exquisite
Personify, what the industry missing
Now I conform as design tradition with skills and vision
Plus I desire to inspire whoever wan' listen
Missus, my reentrance to captivate the interest
of e'rrybody breathing on the planet in insistence

(So sucio, fired up!) C'mon..
(So sucio, fired up!)